Friday, December 31, 2010

Where Have I Been and What's Next

"Work hard. Be dedicated. That's all." Charles Foster

I always like to do a post on the last day of the year to recap the year and see what I've done. I'll get to the whole year in a minute.

Since Ironman Florida, I've been taking it pretty easy. I didn't do any running for a week and then tried to ease back into it. My longest run since then has been 6 miles (not much for me). I wasn't worried about speed, but did run a 5K the day after Christmas and tried to race my son. Tried is the operative word. He isn't trained for a 5k and I figured he would go out too fast and then lose steam and I would pass him at the end. Boy was I wrong. After holding him back (relative term) for the first two miles, he took off for the third and crossed the finish line about 45 seconds ahead of me. I finished in 27:11, which was good for me considering I haven't been working on time.

I haven't been swimming since IMFL, but intend to get back in the pool at least once a week starting soon. I also haven't been back on the bike outside, although I have been on the trainer a few times.

Some of my reasoning for taking it fairly easy was to give my body a break, but I've also had a pain in my knee recently that I've never had before. I'm trying to be safe and smart and not let it turn into an injury that will keep me from running for a long time. I love to run. I'm ready to get back out there for some longer runs and with consistency again.

2010 in Review - So what did I do in 2010?

My main goal of 2010 was Ironman Florida. I got to the start line injury free and crossed the finish line in 13:56:00, which was faster than I had anticipated. Along the way I set PRs in the half marathon, sprint triathlon, and half ironman triathlon distances. I also racked up some serious mileage:

Bike: 3612.66 miles 225h 15m 03s
Run: 1105.31 miles 189h 46m 44s
Swim: 224,194 yards (127.38 miles) 85h 09m 19s
Strenght training: 8hr 45m
Bowing: 1hr
Massage: 3hr 25m
Mountain Biking: 1hr 5m
Volunteer at Races: 1hr 30m
Stretching: 3hr 15m 10s
Walking: 8h 02m 10s
Yoga: 29h 40m

Overall, 2010 was a successful year.

So what's next in 2011?

Going into 2010 and Ironman training, I decided 2011 would be my "fun" year. I do have a few races on the schedule that I normally do and I think I want to do another marathon this year to get further along in my goal of running a marathon in all 50 states. However, I want to throw something fun in along the way.

I'd really like to do a running relay race. There are two in Texas that I am interested in, but need to figure out if I can pull it off. The Texas Independence Relay is the first weekend of March, which I think is a little too quick to get a team together and is also probably the first weekend of soccer for my son. The Capital to Alamo relay is the first weekend in August. That would give me more time to form a team and get details figured out, but that is the weekend the fall season starts for my son's soccer and my daughter will most likely have volleyball scrimmages that weekend. Hmmm.....what to do? Maybe I should look at a relay somewhere else :)

I also wouldn't mind doing some kind of adventure race if one works out in the schedule. I'll have to look. And this year I read of a "doggy-du". I think it would be a blast to swim and run with Roscoe. I'd have to "teach" him to swim first, but it could be something to try. And then there is always the possibility of an ultra run. I'm not ready for a 100 miler at this point and really not even a 50 miler, but a 50K might be doable.

The other thing I think I want to try this year is running in vibram 5 fingers. A lot of people really enjoy running in minimalist shoes. I go barefoot almost all the time anyway, so I might enjoy it. Who knows. I may get me some and VERY slowly integrate running in vibrams into my schedule.

I'm also looking at some more strength training this year. I think one of my limiting factors in bike speed is weak quads. You would think that with all the running I do my quads would be strong. And they are, but not strong enough for the power I need in cycling. Plus, I sometimes have arm envy. Especially of Jillian Michaels or Kelly Ripka.

Speaking of Jillian. I fould a "Hot Bod In A Box" by Jillian at the bookstore the other day and bought it. I bought it mostly because it has strength excercises on cards and it will be easy to travel with and you can rearrange the cards for different workouts. Plus, it has some cards with pre-determined circuits already on it. I did one this morning. That 30 minutes kicked my rear! We'll see how that goes.

So while I don't have a lot figured out for 2011, I do have the following on my calendar:

1/30 3M Half Marathon
3/27 Cap 10K
May - Dfest 5K
6/19 Lake Pflugerville Tri
October - seriously considering the Chicago marathon

I'll also do some pay rides to get the bike mileage in.

No matter what I do, I plan to work hard and be dedicated. That's all.

Happy New Year!