Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Year in Review

Yeah, I know. It's been a long time. And I still have several individual posts to do, but I will go back and add those later. For now, I want to summarize 2014 before we head into 2015.

Overall, 2014 was a good year. After being laid off of my job in 2013, I didn't know what the future would entail. I decided to go with my dream and try to make a living as a fitness instructor. I had started my Texas Fit Chicks boot camp in November 2013 and have seen it grow through the year. It still has some growing to do, but we are getting there. I also started teaching fitness classes at 3 different companies in their Wellness programs. And, in July, I got a part-time work from home job. One that I can set my own hours. So, it fits in nicely with all the other things I'm doing. I'm busy, but I'm happy. The money still isn't where it needs to be (my oldest started college in the Fall), but it will get there.

As far as racing....with the limited income, I didn't race as much as I normally do, but I did do some races and even set new PRs at most of them. Who says you slow down with age? I'm not to that point yet. I even placed at the local Turkey Trot.

In April, my grandma (my dad's mom) passed away. She lived a long life, but we were sad to see her go. As we traveled to visit her the week before she passed away, I wrote some thoughts on my iPad that I will post in a blog post later.

In May, my oldest graduated from high school. We took a cruise during the summer to celebrate and met some folks who we hope will be lifelong friends. We are hoping to take another cruise with them in 2016, after both of our sons graduate from high school.

In August, we moved Madison into her dorm at Texas A&M. We only thought we were getting rid of one kid. The next day, Mikey moved in. Mikey is a young man on my son's tournament soccer team. He is from Laredo and can't travel the distance during the week for training, so he came to live with us for the year. With the dogs both being male, the cat and I are the only females in the house now.

In November, we spent Thanksgiving tailgating with some friends for the A&M vs. LSU football game and in December we spent Christmas with both sides of the family.

And before I forget, a shortened summary of my training from this year: Swim 61,312.23 yards in 20h 41m 42s Bike 986.77 miles in 74h 46m 20s Run 1134.13 miles in 196h 53m 40s (200 of those miles were just in the month of December) Yoga 49 hours logged, but I know it was a lot more than that. Oh well.

I'm looking forward to 2015. Some great things are going to happen. I just know it! And if you are looking for a personal trainer, run coach, triathlon coach or yoga teacher, let me know! Happy New Year!