Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in Review and A Look Ahead at 2013

As typical at the end of every year, I like to look back and see what I accomplished.  2012 was actually a pretty good year.  I had set out some goals for 2012 and actually was able to accomplish several of them. 

*I wanted to get more organized and pay bills online.  DONE
*I wanted to get rid of stuff by donating or selling it online.  I haven't been as good in this area as I would like to be, but I did donate some stuff and I have sold some stuff on Craig's List.  I posted some things on Ebay without success, so I still need to figure out that beast, because I have a lot of stuff to sell.
*I wanted to do more of my workouts outside.  DONE.  While I did have to do a couple of long rides on the trainer while leading up to IMAZ, most of my workouts, including the weekday workouts, were outside.  And I do think it was beneficial come race day.
*I wanted to get faster with my swimming.  SOMEWHAT DONE.  While I was never able to work out a private lesson with a swim coach due to crazy schedules, I was able to get faster in the pool.  Being faster in the pool, however, doesn't always translate to being faster in the race.  Since most of my swimming is in the pool without a wetsuit, my shoulders are not use to the wetsuit.  I did swim several times in the wetsuit prior to IMAZ, but  between the cold water on race day and the shoulders getting tired, my swim time at IMAZ was just a wee bit slower than at IMFL (by like 1 minute).
*I wanted to eat better and take more leftovers rather than eat PB&J sandwiches for lunch.  DONE.  While I occassionally still took the PB&J sandwich, I was pretty good with taking leftovers, too.

My 2012 races included the following:
3M Half Marathon - 2:02:46
Hot Chocolate 15K - 1:27:29
Rosedale Ride
Cap 10K - 57:28
Lonestar 70.3 - 6:24:55
The Ranch 10K Trail Run - 1:34:33
Lake Pflugerville Triathlon - 1:27:27
Katy Flatland Century Ride
Outlaw Trail 100 Century Ride
Livestrong Challenge Century Ride
Ironman Arizona - 13:49:58

In looking back at the races, I did two new races - a 15K and a trail run.  While the 15K was in temps in the teens and the trail run was my slowest 10K ever, they were both a lot of fun.  I'd like to do more trail runs in the future.  Maybe that should be a goal for 2013.  And, I set new PRs at the Half Ironman and Ironman distances, so that was a success.

My totals for the year:

Bike: 3178.23 miles in 198h 43m 32s (an increase from last year)
Run: 1068.6 miles in 184h 14m 22s (a decrease from last year)
Swim:  200254.1 yards in 70h 27m 9s (an increase from last year)
Strength Training:  19h (an increase from last year)
Trainer Time:  1h
Foam Roll: 1h 25m (of recorded time anyway)
Jump Rope: 3m
Massage:  4h 30m (a decrease over last year - what's up with that?)
Race Volunteering: 4h
Reflexology: 1h
Trampoline: 45m
Trapeze Class: 1h
Walking: 5h 46m 41s (a decrease from last year - poor Roscoe)
Yoga:  36h 5m (an increase over last year)

Overall, I'm please with what I accomplished.  In looking at my list, I did some new things this year.  We went with the kids to Jump Street and actually participated with them rather than sit on the sidelines and watch, hence the trampoline time.  We had a trampoline growing up and I was always on that thing.  Let's just say that my kids were really surprised when I started doing back flips on the trampolines.  They had no idea I could do that, especially at my age!

I also did a 1 hour trapeze class with my daughter and her friend.  I'm not afraid to try anything, so when I saw the deal on Living Social I jumped on it.  It really was a lot of fun, but I was surprised at how nervous I was up on the platform before I jumped off the first time.  I was afraid my arm strength wouldn't be enough to hang onto the bar, but I was able to do it and as long as I listened to the instructor on the ground, I was able to accomplish the "routine" just fine.

Another new thing I tried was reflexology.  I was given a gift card for this after my Ironman and it was a welcome treat.  It's cheaper than a massage and you still get some massage benefits.  I would do it again, but if I had to choose in how I spent my hour, I'd pick a full body massage any day.

So, looking back was good.  But today is the last day of the year and it's time to look ahead.  What do I have in store for 2013 and what do I want to accomplish next year?

So far, my 2013 scheduled races include:
*1/13 - Houston Half Marathon with my Aunt.
*3/23-24 - Texas Independence Relay
*4/7 - Cap 10K
*6/16 - Lake Pflugerville Triathlon

That's all I have on the schedule right now.  I know more will be added, but I have to decide what.  Do I want to focus on short stuff and try to get faster?  Do I want to add another state to my 50 states of marathons?  Do I want to try to do an ultra run?  This is what I have to decide.  There is an ultra in October that I have been looking at that would give me a break in the spring from long distance training, but then I'd have to ramp it up over the summer.  I'm not sure if 2013 will be the year or if the ultra will come in 2014 (and yes, I'm already somewhat thinking about my plans for 2014).  I'd also kind of like to do another Half Ironman this year, but the one in Galveston I normally do falls on the same day as the Cap 10k, so if I do one, it would have to be something new.

Anyway, it's a lot to think about, because I also have some other big goals to accomplish in 2013.  For the last few years, I've thought about getting into coaching, but had not done anything about it.  Well, 2013 is the year to do something about it. 

First off in January I will be attending a YogaFit Level I Certification Clinic.  After attending this clinic, I will be able to teach yoga.  Probably not in a studio or big gym where they want a 200 hour RYT instructor, but I can teach yoga on my own.  I will most likely attend the Level II Clinic in June and then decide about continuing on to get 200 hour certified.

Then, in February I will be off to Atlanta, Georgia to attend the Road Runner's Club of
America Run Coach Certification class.  I am really looking forward to this.  I have written some run plans before, but attending this clinic will give me more confidence in what I am doing and I will feel like I can actually charge for my services.

And, if that isn't enough, for the next few months I will be studying so that I can take my personal trainer certification exam and become a personal trainer.  I've already started reading the materials and taking some quizzes.  It's pretty interesting so far, but I have a lot of studying to do when it comes to the anatomy part.  I know the major muscles, bones, etc., but it's the details that get me.

To help with my knowledge and understanding of all of this, I asked for several books for Christmas that have to do with yoga for runners, recovery for athletes, etc.  My plan is to read at least one fitness related book per month.  I've got enough to keep me busy for a while.

And in my quest to continue eating healthy, I've made it a goal to try one new recipe each week.  I figure that is doable even with the hectic schedule we live around.  I have 3 good cookbooks that I haven't really used yet, so it will be easy to find something new in them.  And it doesn't have to be complicated.  If I've got a busy week, maybe my new recipe will just be a shake. 

And last, but not least, the big one.  I have strong legs.  Always have and would like to always keep it that way.  My upper body strength, however, has always been lacking.  I do strength training, but it's with light weights and it is more to maintain tone than anything.  However, it's always been a secret desire of mine to be able to do a pullup.  A full pullup from just hanging there.  Maybe I'll start working on that and see if I can do just one by the end of the year.  It's a good goal to shoot for, but don't hold your breath.

Well, I think that about covers things.  It will be challenging to fit it all in, especially since high school soccer starts this week and we will have the typical club soccer in the spring as well.  And since Madison will be heading off to college in the next year and a half, I'd like to do a mother/daughter trip with her this spring.  We have talked about New York, so I need to start researching.  As always, stay tuned to see how things go.

I hope that you all have had a good 2012 and have an even better 2013.  Here's to health, happiness and new experiences.