Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ramping Back Up

My training has suffered this summer. There's no doubt about that. There has just been so much going on and there are only so many hours in a day. But now that school is almost back in session (starts August 26th here), things are getting back into a routine. Soccer has started for my son with practice twice a week, so we know what Mondays and Wednesdays will be like. I'm trying to figure out what my workout days will be once school does start. I'm also considering signing up for the San Antonio Rock-n-Roll Marathon in November. It's not the first year for a marathon in San Antonio, but it will be a first for the Rock-n-Roll. So, if I'm going to do that, my running has to start ramping up.

Sunday morning I got up early and ran 6 miles - outside. I love running outside, but it's just been too hot here lately with afternoons over 100 degrees. I'm not running in that so I've been hitting the treadmill. Yuck. We spent the rest of Sunday afternoon at my son's 3v3 regional soccer tournament. His team qualified for nationals which will be at Disney's Wide World of Sports in Orlando in January. It looks like we may be going.

Monday I ran 5 miles. I'm hoping once school starts that Mondays will be my swim/run days. Tuesday is always yoga, but if and when I feel like it I may throw a short run in there. Wednesday I ran 4 miles. Wednesdays will most likely turn into my bike days. Thursdays will be run days. I'll have to decide about Fridays. In an idea world, I would do a long bike Saturday morning and a long run Sunday morning. I'm still waiting for the soccer schedule to see how this will turn out. September should be a big volume month for me if I'm going to do the Longhorn Half Ironman again and have any hope at improving my time over last year.

On to other news - I've been tagged again. This time I was tagged by Cortney and I'm suppose to share with you 6 of my quirks. My husband thinks I have a lot, so this shouldn't be too difficult.

1. I have to make my bed every morning. If I leave before my husband and he doesn't make the bed, then I have to make it as soon as I get home. If I'm on vacation, though, it doesn't bother me if the bed isn't made.

2. All my clothes in my closet have to face the same way on the hanger. I try to hang all my clothes in groups (t-shirts in one spot, short sleeve tops in another, shorts all together, etc.). They don't have to be by colors like some other people, but they have to face the same way.

3. I wash all our dishes by hand. I've never used the dishwasher in any of the houses we've owned. I guess when you don't cook elaborate dinners, there aren't many dishes to wash and I just feel it's a waste to have them sit in the dishwasher waiting until it's full to wash. My luck I'd need the dish that's in there and have to wash it by hand anyway, so it's easier and faster for me to just wash by hand after using them. I've even done this after hosting Christmas dinner for over 20 people. It's just me.

4. I'm a very detail oriented person. This comes in handy most of the time, but people laugh at me when I plan vacations. I go overboard with research so that I don't miss anything. Before we went to Disney World in 2003, I checked out the web site and read about EVERY ride so I'd know which were "must" rides, which were "we should" rides and which were "could care less about" rides. And when we went to Ohio earlier this year, I had everything in a folder in the order we would need it - plane confirmation, rent a car confirmation, hotel confirmation, etc. People may laugh at me, but we always have good vacations. Besides, how else would I have known that the "A Christmas Story" house and museum were in Cleveland. My husband would have been very upset if we went all that way and missed it.

5. When I'm serious about my training and following a plan, I follow it exactly. Once when I was scheduled to do a 20 mile run, my Garmin GPS watch said 19.XX as I came back to the parking lot where our group started and was ending. Most people would have said "close enough". Not me. I ran around the parking lot until the Garmin read 20.0.

6. I don't watch a lot of tv, but the shows I watch, I REALLY like. Don't call during one of my shows, because I will NOT answer the phone. And don't talk to me unless it's during a commercial. I don't want to miss a thing (and no, we don't have tivo or whatever it is so that I could rewind - maybe one of these years we'll get with the program).

So those are some of my quirks. I'm sure there are others, but that's enough. Now I'm suppose to tag other people. So, if you haven't been tagged yet - "TAG, YOU'RE IT".


Anonymous said...

Good job. Quirks are fun!

Grandma J said...

You are so friggin perfect...and fit, and healthy!

I'm not doing the Light the Night this year, I'm traveling too much to get organized to raise the funds. So, please let me know about your fund raising for the Rock N Roll Marathon. I may even go down to cheer you on.

Shauna said...

My training has also taken a back seat this summer. I'm ready to find something to train for, though. The trouble is, around here, all the big races are ramping down as fall and cold weather approaches. I may have to look south. :) Speaking of the South, I'm coming to visit Austin with my friend Joy (just the two of us)the end of October! I would love to see you if you have time. We'll be there the 23rd through the 27th. Maybe we could go on a run together or something? Anyway, good luck with your fall training and have a great week!