Wednesday, December 10, 2008

More About Roscoe

Several of you have asked some questions about Roscoe, so I thought I'd try to answer.

We found Roscoe through the local Boxer Rescue. According to their website, Roscoe is 3 years old. He and his sister (who had already been adopted by another family) were taken from his previous owner due to neglet. Roscoe had been hit by a car and his owner did not get him treatment for a broken hip. He was also 20 lbs underweight. Animal Control took the dogs and they ended up with the Boxer Rescue.

He has had two surgeries on his hip to reconstruct it and he had a couple of tumors (benign) removed, but all seems to be well with him now. He does occasionally favor his hip (especially after waking up), but he can get frisky and "box" with you if you want.
He is very well behaved - he doesn't counter surf, he's potty trained, and he's crate trained. He walks well on a leash, but still needs some work to "heel". And let me tell you, he likes the couch! I wasn't planning on letting him get up there, but the kids love it and he is so peaceful looking when he's asleep. He doesn't play on the couch, so I've decided it will be ok. I just may need to get some blankets to put over the couch.

I do plan on running with him at some point, but I want to get him use to the neighborhood and use to the leash with me leading him. He has cut right in front of me a couple of times and tripped me, so that needs to be fixed before I start running with him. And, we haven't encountered other dogs on our walks yet and I want to see what he will do when approached by another dog. If I'm running and a loose dog runs up to us (which shouldn't happen if owners obey the law and keep their dog on a leash), I'm not sure what would happen. Plus, once I get the vet records from the rescue organization, I want to take them (and him) to our vet and have them look him over just to make sure that running won't do any more damage to his hip. If all works out, it will be fun to run with him.

As far as getting my son a dog - we are still looking. He wants a small dog and right now is leaning toward Jack Russells or Rat Terriers. My brother has a rat terrier that we love. We know these breeds will have lots of energy which I think will work well with Roscoe. We just have to find one. Plus, we keep telling him that he may really like them based on the picture he sees on the Internet, but once he meets the dog it may be a different story. Afterall, I didn't go to the rescue adoption day to get Roscoe, but I feel in love once I got there.


Missy said...

I love him! I just want to squeeze him. They're so great and I'm so glad he's found a home. EVEN if he can't run fast or long, they're great to take for those days when you're supposed to go slow. It helps to keep you in check. Looks like Roscoe is fitting in just fine, what good fortune he's had.

Grandma J said...

Your son looks so happy with Roscoe, you may not need another dog!
I didn't know Roscoe had been through so much! Running may not be the best, especially those long runs of yours. The vet will know best. I can only imagine how much he loves lying on the must be seventh heaven compared to his past life. I'm sure he feels the love in your home, adn loves you guys already.

M, Ms. R, Mom, Auntie M, Marey said...

Poor Roscoe sure has had a tough start...glad he found you guys! Boxers are awesome!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Awww...I am in love with him too. He is so lucky to have found your family. Can you imagine someone having him and not taking the best care possible?
Have a wonderful Day!!!

Cortney said...

If anyone could keep up with a high energy dog its Dalton. He might wear the dog out! :)

KBL 2 ORD 2 SAN 2 LUV said...

Thanks for the additional info on Roscoe the Great. Like I said, he's so thrilled to have found his forever home! Good luck on finding the other dog. You're right...ya never know until you meet the dog.

Kisses to Roscoe!

Kristie said...

I had a boxer growing up named Patty that was wonderful! That's actually what *I* wanted to get this time, but Blaine wanted a hunting dog so I was outvoted. I'd still be wililng to get one, but I'm not sure our backyard can handle two good-sized pets. They are such great dogs, and Roscoe is beautiful!!