Sunday, January 4, 2009

Make Up Your Mind!!!

No, not you the reader. The weather around here needs to make up it's mind. We had several times at the end of last year where it would be 80 degrees one day and 40 the next. 2009 has started off the same way.

New Year's day was nice. I went for a 7 mile run in shorts and a tank. (Then I relaxed all day inside - nice!) I got a call that night from work saying that if I didn't really need to come in on Friday, they'd see me Monday. Sweet!! Friday was a scheduled "off" day exercise-wise for me and I only left for a little in the afternoon to go to the chiro, but I think Friday was a nice day as well.

Saturday morning I got up early so that I could get in a 16 mile run. I had watched the news the night before and knew the temps would be in the high 50s or low 60s with a chance of rain for the morning. I figured it would be humid as well. And I was right. I went out again in shorts and a tank, and by mile 2 was dripping with sweat. But, I had on my new Garmin 305 with my heart rate monitor, so I was happy. Until mile 8. The heat and humidity was getting to me, so I started doing a run/walk combo and finished up the 16 miles that way.

After the run, I headed in for a shower and then we were off to the outlet mall. Madison has been wanting to go, and I wanted something at one of the stores. The boys figured they would check out the Nike, Reebok, and Puma stores, so all were happy. But, I was in shorts, a t-shirt and flip-flops and I got HOT at times. The temps reached the mid 80s. If you didn't know any better, you would have thought it was a beautiful summer day.

Then last night, a cold front started blowing in. Temps this morning on the way to church were in the high 40s and it's not suppose to get out of the 40s all day. Tomorrow is suppose to be 40s and rain.

I'm not complaining about 80s, but it sure is hard to keep going back and forth from 40 to 80 in the course of 24 hours. I just wish the weather would make up it's mind!


Grandma J said...

I know, it's crazy! I woke up this morning and my inside temp was 71 (I dont turn the heat on ever) but when I walked outside to go to church in a short sleeved dress, I about froze! I went back inside and looked at the local temp on my laptop...39!

Happy New Year!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

That is some crazy stuff...that kind of weather gets your body and head confused and makes you "sick".
Take care,

Missy said...

No joke, shorts one day, hat and gloves the's no wonder no one is getting well and fighting the ick for so long:)

Frasypoo said...

You must live in GA!(Have I asked you this before)
I cant deal with the weather changes either!I dont mind the cold but the humidity is killing me !