Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Allergies - 1, Me - 0

Well, the front that came through Saturday night/Sunday morning stirred up the Oak pollen here and I haven't really felt well since Sunday night. I tried to get a bike ride in Monday, but with 20mph winds, a chill in the air and horrible allergies I only made it a little over 5 miles and called it quits. Tuesday I got no workout in due to a chiro appointment after work, picking Madison up from soccer tryouts and then getting her to her pre-UIL choir concert that lasted until 8pm. I felt so bad after that that I came home, put the kids to bed and went to bed myself. And proceeded to have a huge coughing fit at 1am and I'm not sure I ever fell back to sleep.

So, still feeling miserable today I decided to go to the doctor. With all the sneezing I've been doing I was pretty sure it was just allergies, but with Easter weekend coming up I wanted to make sure it was nothing else. Nope. Despite being on Allegra, Advair and Nasocourt I still had severe allergies to the Oak. So guess what I got? A good old fashion shot of steroids in the butt. My kids think it's funny. But I already feel better. Still not 100%, but good enough that I did a 30 minute bike ride while Madison was at soccer tryouts today and then I headed over to meet the team for hill repeats. I only made two hill climbs but that's ok. It's a hard hill even when allergies aren't bothering me. And before I go to bed tonight, I'm taking a cough syrup with codeine that the doctor prescribed. Here's hoping for a good night's sleep!


M said...

Ohhh I can sympathize! I hope you are feeling much better soon! I am allergic to smoke, perfume and artificial smelly stuff...I never seem to get away from people who feel the need to wear the entire bottle of Axe!

Grandma J said...

My allergies are acting up too. I think being in your neck of the woods all last weekend with those wicked winds got the best of me.

and to think my daughter blamed JJ for her allergies.

Hope you feel better soon

Busy Bee Suz said...

Hope you can kick THEM in the butt soon. Take care, suz

Cortney said...

I could have got you in my allergy clinical trial. Free meds and $150. Dang!