Monday, May 4, 2009

Curb Side Collections, Back on the Bike, and Swine Flu or whatever the heck they are calling it these days

After my crash last weekend I put my road bike on my trainer. I was on it Monday - Thursday, but took a break Friday night to go to a "ladies night" with the women from my Sunday school class. That was a nice break. Found out some interesting things about some of them, including how they met their husbands and the fact that one of them makes her own wine. I had already reached my limit when they opened her bottle so I didn't get to try it, but I hear it was very good. We've already decided we have to do that again.

During the week I went to the bike shop and got me a new helmet. I also got new tires for my road bike, but didn't put them on yet (not like I could with the shoulder anyway) because I knew I'd have a lot more trainer time come the weekend.

Even though I knew I wasn't going to ride with them, I went to meet up with the team early Saturday morning. I had some jackets made up to sell and wanted to show the samples to the team. Then I headed to Dalton's soccer game. It was a great game. After the game I was going to head to San Marcos to watch Brandi sky-dive, but she called and said she cancelled because it was so overcast, so I headed back to where the team would finish their ride and grabbed some lunch and waited for them to come in.

I was still a little short on my fundraising for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and had planned to do a curb side collection Sunday afternoon. I borrowed the signs that Patrick had made and got him and Brandi (along with bribing Madison) to come help. Patrick and I put our bikes on the trainers on the side of the road and Brandi and Madison walked the line of cars collecting the money. We were there for a little over 2 hours and were able to collect over $800!!!!!! Truly a success. That's why I love the cycle team. There are some AWESOME people on the team.
We grabbed some lunch on the way home and then Patrick was awesome and put my new tires on my road bike for me. I got home today and headed OUTSIDE for the first time since the crash. My goal was to get in 10 miles and I did. It was slow and I was a little "cautious" at
times, but it was good. Hopefully I'll be good to go Saturday for the long bike ride at the Armadillo Hill Country Classic.

And on the other news front today...... I got a call just before leaving work today from the place where Dalton goes to after school care. She said that someone at his elementary school "possibly" has the swine flu and the school will be closed Tuesday and Wednesday, but that they would be accepting the kids and would keep them all day. Uggghhh. We don't know full details, but someone has said the kids will not have to make up these two days. If that's the case, I will be very happy because if they have to make up the days and go later into June, the last day of school could interfere with my century ride that I've been training and raising money for. And this is an important year for Dalton since he will "graduate" from 5th grade. Stupid swine flu!


Grandma J said...

Not only do I admire your dedication to TNT as an athlete, but your never-ending fundraising is beyond amazing. Have you kept track of what you have raised over the last 5 years? I'm guessing at the time frame because it's going on 6 years since Andrew was diagnosed, and it's 4 years since I met you at the San Diego Rock n Roll Marathon.

I'm getting so excited for you! No more injuries!

OH, I see your little Tank in the background!!!

Brittany M. said...

I hope you're good for Armadillo as well! I will be there, maybe we'll actually bump into each other this time--though there are SO many people at that one as well. I'm heading out on the 80 mile route.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Congrats on your fundraising efforts AND getting back on your bike.
Hope all goes well with the school. We have had 2 reported cases here and a school that has closed for one week. Never can be too careful.

M said...

WoW to your fundraising!!
I don't think we would have to make up missed school days here...I hope you don't!

Happy Training!

M said...

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! Wishing you a great day with your family!