Tuesday, January 29, 2013

More Yummy Recipes

Since my last post, I've tried quite a few more recipes from the Happy Herbivore and Everyday Happy Herbivore Cookbooks.  Below is my summary:

*Neapolitan smoothie - this was good, but didn't really taste much different to me than my typical morning shake.  Anything with bananas, strawberries and cocoa powder has to be good, right?

*Black Bean and Salsa Soup - this was really good.  I like soups in the winter.  They are easy to make, they are warm, and they usually yield a lot of leftovers.  Always good in my book.

*Southwest Chop Salad -  not much can go wrong with a salad.  This was a decent change from normal and good for taking to work for lunch.

*Strawberry & Spinach Salad - not much of a departure from normal other than adding strawberries, but it was yummy.  I even made the special dressing for it and that tasted really good and gave me a change from the normal.

*Enchilada Casserole - this was a nice, filling meal and even the leftovers tasted good when I took them to work for lunch.

*Tuna Salad with homemade Mayo - oh my!  Growing up we ate a lot of tuna fish sandwiches.  As an adult, I didn't eat them much before I went vegetarian, but every now and then (like at a bridal shower or something) I just had to have one and it tasted good.  I was looking forward to trying this recipe, but was a little skeptical as to how it would turn out.  Well, let me tell you that in my opinion, it tastes just like a tuna sandwich should.  It even has the texture of tuna.  And, it made enough for several sandwiches.  Leftovers are always a bonus.  I'll definitely be making this one again.

*Southwest Zuchinni Pie - if you want some zing, this recipe is for you.  Very tasty, but definitely spicy.

*Tortilla Soup - this one will also be making it to my list of recipes to make again.  I even made the crispy tortillas to put on top of the soup.  It had a very nice flavor to it.  Very yummy.

As you can see, I've been doing more than just one new recipe a week.  It's been fun and has gotten me away from the same meals every week.  I've really enjoyed trying new things.  Stayed tuned to see what recipes I try next.

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