Thursday, March 19, 2015

My Yoga Teacher Journey

If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, you know that I begin my journey to be a yoga teacher back in 2013. I started with YogaFit because it was the best for my schedule at the time. I worked through a lot of the levels and other classes needed for the 200-hour designation. And then I got laid off. When I got laid off, I still needed two levels of training (one of those being a four day training and neither offered in my state, so $$$ for registration, travel and lodging) and at least one other course. I began to add up how much it was going to cost to finish and didn’t see a way to make it happen in the time frame I wanted.

About this same time, I was getting emails from one of the largest studios in town. One of the emails was about the upcoming teacher-training program. I went to the information meeting to find out more. This program was a 10-month program meeting once a week for 4 hours and two weekends during the 10-months. The cost, however, was a lot less than finishing through YogaFit. So, I made the decision to switch. Plus, it couldn’t hurt to go over knowledge I had already learned.

I started the training in April of 2014 under a wonderful teacher whose background is a Masters in Kinesiology. This was great for me as I have a desire to learn more about the muscles and structure of the body. Every week, we met and learned more – about the body, about philosophy, about breathing, about meditation, about all things yoga related.

As we neared the end of training, we had to teach a 20-minute class to our peers and then we had a test to make sure we had learned what we needed to know. In February, we graduated. I had completed the 200-hours of training and could now register with Yoga Alliance.

I’m excited, but my learning is not over yet. I’ve got a couple of more courses already lined up to specialize and develop my knowledge and an idea of where I want to take my yoga teaching. I’m already working in Corporate Wellness, but there is more to come. Stay tuned…….

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