Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hot, Hot, Hot!!!

I'm not sure we are getting a spring this year. After the rainy, humid race last weekend, the week just seemed to get and stay warm. I ran Monday, did yoga Tuesday, had my date with the hill Wednesday and got in a bike ride on Thursday. Friday morning it rained. It rained until the afternoon and then cleared out and turned into a beautiful day.

Saturday morning when I went to cycle practice, it was in the 40s. What's up with that? It's April. And I had not planned very well. Good thing I had arm warmers in my bag. We did some tempo work and a time trial on Saturday. It was a shorter workout mileage wise, but a harder workout because of the speed we were trying to maintain.

I got home, took my shower and headed to my son's soccer game. And it got HOT! Or at least it felt really hot. When I looked at the temperature, it was only in the low 70s, but the sun was out full force. I am not ready for summer.

Sunday was just as nice. After church I got in another bike ride. And I can tell the sun was out. I was on my tri bike and my tri top rode up a little in the back. I have a nice, awkward little tan back there. Guess I need to remember that in the future and put the sunscreen there, too. After the ride I took a shower and then sat outside on the back porch until it was time to go to my daughter's district wide confirmation celebration. She will actually be confirmed on April 27th, but this was a gathering of all the kids in the district going through confirmation.

Yesterday was hot, too, so I ran on the treadmill. And today seems even hotter. Close to 90 degrees I think. Good thing it's a yoga night. But man, I'm dreading the summer heat. Where did spring go?


Shauna said...

Could we just each share a little of the weather that we have, and we'd both have it just about right, I think. We are expecting snow tonight! I'd like a little bit of your warmth (not 90's though--that's just hot). Great job on all your workouts. You are amazing!

Cortney said...

Summer is going to be HORRIBLY hot! :)

Grandma J said...

Heat is one thing, but come summer the added humidity is something I may never get used to. Florida bad too.
can you tell I miss CA?

Last night I couldn't sleep with the tornado warnings..I know, I'm such an alarmist. lol