Monday, April 21, 2008

I hate wind and humidity!

Last week was busy and unfortunately my training suffered some. It was also windy and it just makes it hard to get out and get things done. I made myself ride on Monday, but only got in 11 miles before calling it quits. (I was also extremely tired because I had stayed up Sunday night until midnight, which is WAY past my bedtime, watching Ironman Arizona). I felt like I could crash at 8:00 and sleep all night.

Tuesday was much needed yoga. Wednesday was hill repeats - only I was the only one who showed up. Since I had taken the time to load my bike and drive to where the repeats are, I figured I'd go ahead and do them by myself. But I don't really remember the loop we do after the hill to recover, so I basically went up and down 3 times right in a row without much recovery. I started in on a 4th hill, but just a little way up told myself I didn't need to kill myself. So I went home. And then I looked at the mileage and I had only done a little over 5 miles on the bike. I couldn't let that be all for the day even though hills are tough, so I hopped on the treadmill for a 3 mile run. I ended up running Thursday as well.

Friday was an off day. Two other participants and myself were having a fundraising night at the comeday club so I needed to get to that. It was really fun and the comedians were good (and not too raunchy). I just wish we could have gotten more people there. We did pretty well though, so that was good.
Saturday was another long group ride. We rode out in the country and ended up riding not too far from my house on some roads that I've ridden on many times before. Again, I ended up in the front group with the guys. We did great on the way out. And then when we hit mile 25-30, we turned into a headwind. Why does it always seem - no matter where you start or which way you go first - that there is always a headwind on the way back?????? I hung with them until mile 40 and then told them to go on. There was another group not too far behind, so I slowed down and waited for them and then rode the last 10 miles with them.

Then, as usual, it was off to soccer. And it was hot. I found me some shade and camped out. And I'm glad I did because there was a girls team who wanted to play a friendly game after my son's real game, so he played two games back to back. The boy loves soccer.

And he loves to do headers!!

Sunday was another really busy day as well with lots of church stuff and meetings. I'm ready for things to slow down and I'm ready for a vacation. At least I finally got the family to decide on what were doing and have things booked. Now I have something to look forward to this summer.

Today was a hot and humid day. I got out on my tri bike and did 20 miles. So far this year, I've already ridden more than I did all of last year. I'll be interested to see the totals at the end of the year.


Grandma J said...

You amaze me as usual. I am curious as to why you have a bike designated specifically for your tri?
Your son looks like a pretty good player. He is such a cute kid too. My girls loved head shots, what's up with that?
After looking at your schedule and seeing that Tahoe is right around the corner...would you rather wait until after you guys get back from vacation to get together with me (and Cortney)? I know when Doug did his Tahoe rides, the training was intense, and the last week was getting the bike squared away to be shipped ahead and packing. I know it gets stressful. Whatever is best for you is fine with me.

Cortney said...

Dalton is a nut! Gotta love him! :)

M, Ms. R, Mom, Auntie M, Marey said...

Way to go!!

Yesterday I signed up for the San Jose Rock and Roll marathon...because my co-worker and I are running I couldn't do the TX one...but we shall meet someday and run....(I will be behind you but I will be running!) My son did a sub 6 mile after being on vacation for 12 days...not I!

KEEP running :)