Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Blogger Awards and Thanks to Grandma J

So, the last time I updated, I was pondering who to give the blogger award to. And even though a couple of these sights don't even know that I stalk them, I would like to send them some readers (because it's always nice to get a comment from someone you don't know). So, here are my five blogs to recommend:

My first is Not Quite What I Had Planned. I first started following her writings when her daughter was going through chemo and she was writing on caringbridge. Once her daughter finished treatment, she started a blog and has a HUGE following. She's probably already gotten this award and she really doesn't need any other readers (and some of you already read her site), but I love the way she writes and think you will, too.

The second one is another one I followed from caringbridge to her blog. Her daughter also had cancer, but her daughter did not survive. They've been through a lot. Although I've never met her in person, she is a wonderful person who still tries to help others who have children battling cancer. So go on over to Midgets and Moonpies.

The third blog is one I stalk. As most of you know, I do marathons, triathlons and bike rides. I like to read blogs of others who do the same. This girl I found over at www.beginnertriathlete.com. She first started posting there while still stationed overseas and when she got back home, she hit the ground running - literally. Her blog is appropriately titled, The Driven Pursuit. So go on over and thank her for serving our country and then be amazed at what she does.

The fourth blog is another friend of mine who I first met through her son's caringbridge site. Then I met her in person and we've become friends. She's also a runner and one day we WILL run a marathon together. She use to live in Texas but moved to Utah. She has a wonderful family. And she does so much, she makes me look like I have nothing to do. So go on over and Keep Up With The Joneses.

Now for the fifth and final site. And I'm going to cheat a little here and recommend a caringbridge site instead of the traditional blog. I found out about this little girl from a friend of mine. Elizabeth was just RECENTLY diagnosed (like within the last two weeks) with leukemia. Her family could use a lot of encouragement and prayers and I know that you all will know what to do. www.caringbridge.org/visit/sweetelizabeth

Like I said in the beginning, it's always nice to see comments from new readers. And that's where I want to thank Grandma J. She wrote a post that earned her thousands of hits from google and some of those readers even came over to check out my site. None of them wrote any comments, but I did get some more hits. So thanks, Grandma J, for sending readers my way. And if you've found me from some other site, leave a comment and let me know.

Ok, now I'm off to yoga. Ahhhhh......


Shauna said...

Thanks for the kind words. But, really, I make YOU look like you have nothing to do? Umm, I think you've got that backwards, don't you think? :) You continually amaze me with all you fit in to your 24 hours every day. And, YES, we WILL run a marathon together one day. I'm counting on it!

M, Ms. R, Mom, Auntie M, Marey said...

Because you have so much spare time I am passing on an award to you over at my site!

And I just had to tell you I ran 4miles today!!!

Happy Friday!

Grandma J said...

It's amazing how many lives connect through the tragedy of cancer, in this case pediatric cancer. One of the many blessing my family are thankful for is getting to know you. And of course I was blessed way beyond that because i've met your beautiful family, including your parents.
Not only do you constantly raise zillions of dollars running marathons but your mom does too. You are amazing Briana!
Now i have to go visit your recipients, and leave some words of encouragement for the little girl recently DX with leukemia.

Anonymous said...

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