Friday, July 18, 2008

I'm Glad It's The Weekend

Since I've been such a bad blogger lately, I am a little behind. I noticed in my guest book that Heart Shaped Hedges has bestowed upon me the Arte di Pico Award. Really, she did. And here is what it looks like:

I'm very honored to receive the award, because that means I have at least one reader (ok, I know I have a few more, but not as many as some of you do). Anyway, since I've now been given this award, I'm suppose to bestow the award on 5 other bloggers. The problem is that since I'm so behind in my blogging most of the blogs I read have already received this award. So I'm going to have to do some research to see if any of the blogs I read HAVEN'T been given this award. I know there are a couple, but I want to find 5. I think it's neat when a new person signs my blog, so I want to send people to other people's blogs as well.
In other news, things have slowed down a little, but still not a lot. My daughter had a volleyball game at church Thursday night and a volleyball clinic Friday night. She's hoping to make the school team in the fall, so we are trying to get her all the help we can.
In fun news, my company basically shut down and took us all to see Batman: The Dark Night at the IMAX today. There were a couple of extra tickets, so I was able to take the kids. And while the movie was good and my kids (12 and 9) loved it, it may not be for everyone's kids. There is a lot of violence and some profanity as well. We've been pretty open with our kids about things and have explained from a very early age that TV, movies and video games are not real (yes, at age 3 my son was watching Jurassic Park because he loved dinosaurs and we forgot about the part where the guy is in the outhouse and gets eaten by the dinosaur - it was an early age for the reality vs. entertainment lecture, but it has helped over the years).
Tomorrow we have a wedding to go to. Several years back my husband served as interim youth director for several months after our youth director left. It took a while to find someone we thought would fit with the church, so my husband served that role for a time. One of the young men who was in youth group at that time has since graduated from high school and college, gone off to seminary school, gotten engaged, and will be getting married Saturday night. It's very exciting, but kind of makes me feel old. Where does the time go?
And speaking of time going by, I've got my high school reunion coming up the weekend of August 1-3. People have been posting their pictures on our class web site and that's been fun to see. It will be even better to see everyone in person.


Grandma J said...

I hear really good stuff about the batman movie...and that it's violent (who wudda thunk) My daughter here in Texas took her 12 and 14 year old to see Batman, or whatever it's really called. It's not my cup of tea, but I'm weird that way. I went to see the Hulk with them, and thats only because it was my son-in-laws choice on Father's Day.
FYI, I didn't give you that Arte Y Pico because I didn't want to make too many enemies...I gave Cortney one and Marey...and didn't want to press my luck. It's mighty nice and pretty though. :)
Aren't you guys going on a cruise soon? Not that you haven't been vagabonds all summer!

M, Ms. R, Mom, Auntie M, Marey said...

The beach you would like to go to if you have time is Magen's. You can shuttle or taxi is one of the top 10 beachers in the world! If you are into jewelry...which I was not, you can go uptown to shop....but I loved the little town market...all the food and service we had was pretty pathetic and expensive, until the last night...I will have to look up where we ate and let you know...the food was hot, good and the service excellent...and not too pricey!

Have a great time....what an adventurous summer!