Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I Thought I Had It All Figured Out

Last week I decided it was time to get serious again about my training. The kids are back in school and we are getting into our school routine, so I sat down to look at all the activities and figure out realistically what kind of workouts I could get in on what days.

Dalton has soccer practice on Mondays and Wednesdays, so I figured those would be good swim days. Since I have to drive to the gym to swim and it takes up quite a bit of time, I figured swimming while he was at practice would help me not miss too much "family time". I thought I could run on Monday when I was done with swimming and then maybe take the spin class at the gym Wednesday after swimming. Tuesdays are always yoga. That's not changing. Thursdays looked pretty open, so I figured I could maybe get in a short bike along with a run. Fridays are usually off days. The plan is to do a long bike and long run on Saturday and Sunday, depending on how the weekends fall. There are still several unknowns - like Dalton's soccer schedule for the season that starts SATURDAY. HELLO!!! He has his first regular season game Saturday and we don't know when or where it is going to be. Uggghhhhh! But I digress.

So, I decided to get on track and test my run fitness by getting in a long run over the Labor Day weekend. First kink in the plan - Dalton had a soccer tournament all weekend. His scheduled games were 9am and 3pm Saturday and 9am Sunday. If he made it to the semi-finals he would play at 3pm Sunday. Then if he made it to the finals, he would play at 8am Sunday. His team was expected to make it to the finals, so I decided to do a long run Friday night. I ended up running 7 miles. The first 3 were great, coming in under 30 minutes. At 5 miles I was still on a good pace, but the last two slowed me down. I need to get in some more long runs.

It was a good thing I got that run in, too, because his team did make it to the finals Sunday morning. They won all their games up until that point and only allowed one goal to be scored on them in four games. However, they lost in the final game 3-1. Ending up in 2nd place isn't too shaby in my opinion. They looked really good during their games, but still have a few things to work on. Here are some photos of Dalton in action. He's #6 in the white and then black uniform.

As soon as his game was over Monday, I came home and decided to run. I had not done anything Saturday or Sunday, and I knew if I didn't run right away, I would end up on the couch and wouldn't do anything. So, I headed out to do hill repeats. I did a total of 3 miles with 3 hill repeats in there. And I was drenched when I was done. I took a shower, ate, and then took a well deserved nap.

Tuesday I went to yoga. It felt good to be back. Yoga on the cruise was not really a workout and the yoga I do is.

Then today. I woke up all excited that I was finally going to get back in the pool today. I haven't swam in a while and really need to get some pool time in this month. So I picked Madison up from school and dropped her off at home, grabbed my stuff and headed to the gym. I put my stuff in the locker and head to the pool - only to find that the water aerobics class had JUST started. I asked how long it was going to last and the lady said an hour. There was no way I was sitting there for an hour until they were done so I could grab a lane, so I headed home. When I got home I decided to hop and my bike and go for a ride. I went 12 miles. And then I decided to run, too. I ran 3 miles. Then I practiced volleyball in the backyard with Madison. Because, did I tell you? She made the school's volleyball team!!!!!! And her games will be on Thursday nights.

So, just when I thought I had my workout plan figured out, I've got to look at everything all over again and figure it out again.


Grandma J said...

You don't waste one minute in your day! I really admire you! Dalton looks good playing soccer!
Maybe you should have jumped in and joined the aqua aerobics! lol

Cortney said...

Dalton's tounge cracks me up. Yay for Madi!!! Kenya made it but her cheerleading coach won't let her play, so she's sad.

Brittany M. said...

Thanks for the blog comments! Yes, please say hi at Longhorn if you see me! It'll be a great fun day!

I am in awe in how you tri-Mom's juggle so much!! AWESOME!