Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Libero

What's a libero? Yeah, I had to ask the same question when my daughter came home from school and told me she was going to be one. On the volleyball team. The first game of the season, she was the setter. But that has changed and for now she is the libero. Which I actually think is a good thing as she gets more playing time.

The libero is a special position on the volleyball team. The libero wears a special uniform that is different from the rest of the team. They can substitute for any other team member as often as needed, but only when that teammate is on the back row. So basically, the libero is a defensive specialist. The libero cannot play on the front row, which is just fine as I've told my daughter that due to genetics she's not likely to ever be a great hitter. She seems fairly tall by herself, but stand her next to her teammates and she's the second shortest girl on the team.
Watching her play as a libero was quite interesting. She had a regular game Thursday night and then had a tournament Friday night and Saturday. I got quite confused watching her run in and out to substitute for players. Volleyball sure isn't like it was when I played in high school. But it is fun to watch her play. Kind of makes me want to start playing again (like I have the time)!

Her uniform is white while the rest are blue. And I need to read the manual to my camera. I'm still trying to figure out the best setting for getting good pictures in the horrible gym lighting.
And speaking of time, due to her volleyball and my son's soccer, not much training got done this weekend. That's really ok since I have a triathlon next weekend. I did manage to get in a 20 mile ride and a 2 mile run today after church. It felt good.


Grandma J said...

Yeah Madison! How cool is that? A Libero! Briana, your pictures look great! I have a new camera and my pictures aren't any better than my old cheap one. It's not the camera, I just can't get it right. Good luck on your triathlon next weekend.

I'll have to ask my granddaughter if they have that on her team. I love watching vollyball more than her basketball for some reason. I think the basketball is more physical

Shauna said...

I played volleyball in high school, and I've never even heard of a libero before. The things you learn! :) I love the pictures!

Suz said...

How cool. my oldest made the jv team and I love watching the girls play. My Lo is not very tall, only 5'3 which is short for volleyball, but she seems to do better in the front. The libero is an honor, and you SHOULD be proud. I have not a clue on the rules, or the rotations...very confusing. But I love the fact that it is indoors compared to my 10 years of sitting outside at the softball games.
Right now Lo has a fractured wrist, only week one of her cast and she is going nuts. No fun for her just to watch.
Oh, and the lighting is horrible in EVERY gym. My little one had her first vb game on sunday and my MIL and I could not get good pics. We'll keep trying.

M, Ms. R, Mom, Auntie M, Marey said...

Go girl! I love watching volleyball but I never got to play in high school because it was the same time as track. Your daugther looks great!! Congrats on libero!

I enjoyed reading your last post on the mental aspect of training. Monday I ran up Echo Canyon- it was beautiful and I think I could have run all the way to Evanston if I had the time...but I had to catch a plane....but there was no stopping me and 7.5 miles was like a mile walk. Maybe we will run together some day :)

Anonymous said...

Good ol' Maddie! I'll have to come to one of her games!