Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fall Temps, Long Runs, and Back in the Pool

Here in Texas, we usually don't see fall temperatures. We go straight from summer to "winter". Note that I use the term "winter" lightly. However, this year was a nice surprise. After a really hot summer accompanied by a drastic drought, the first day of fall brought us rain and 60 degree temps. Nice!! That continued for 3-4 days before we got back in the 80s. It was nice while it lasted.

And at least the temps have been nice in the mornings. Because this last Saturday, I had a 20 mile run. We started at 6am with temps in the 60s and it felt good. We got lucky and kept the cooler temps for most of the run. I felt great until about mile 15. Then my IT band gave me a few fits and made my knee hurt for a while. Our options for the day were 18, 20, or 22 miles. Everyone went through the 18 mile aid station which was at the start/finish. I had decided when I started that when I got to that point I would decide if I was doing 2 or 4 more. When I got to 18, I told myself to keep going for at least 2 miles and if I had to walk some of it, well, so be it. So off I went. I ended up with 20 miles and was happy with my time/pace.

Sunday I decided to go swim as a recovery workout. I've got some big plans next year and part of that includes getting more efficient and faster at swimming. I've signed up for a swim clinic taught by Team in Training tri coaches and need to practice in between classes, so a swim on Sunday was perfect. I went swimming again Monday and was actually given a compliment on my form by the life guard that was on duty at that time. Now if only I can get faster!


Grandma J said...

I cant wait for the weather to cool off for good. Kudos on your run, and why am I not surprised at your good swimming form.

I anxiously await your big news!

Anonymous said...

You're awesome!!

It was 101 degress here on Saturday and windy, 60 and so very fall on Tuesday! It should be wariming up again...just in time for my 1/2 on Sunday!

XXOO, lMnop