Friday, September 11, 2009

A Lot Of Catching Up To Do

Two weeks goes by fast when you are busy. The start of school, volleyball practice, soccer practice, tournaments, all takes time.

Labor Day weekend was a backdown weekend as far as training. We had a 10 miler, which I did on my own the Friday night before the long weekend so that I could be at Dalton's soccer tournament all weekend. Saturday and Sunday morning's game were both at 7:30. Did anyone bother to tell them this was a holiday weekend which is suppose to mean sleeping late? Guess not.

I did manage to sleep in a little on Labor Day and then headed out for a nice 6 mile run. The temps have actually cooled off a tad bit in the mornings now, so it's not quite so bad. Afternoons are still brutal, however.

And then the lovely events of this past week derailed me a bit. After the long weekend, the kids returned to school and I returned to work. Only to get a call Tuesday afternoon at 2:00 from Madison asking me to come pick her up from school because she wasn't feeling good. I managed to get my run in as we decided to wait until Wednesday to take her to the doctor.

On my way home from work Wednesday, I started to not feel so good. I decided to take a rest day in hopes that I would feel better and be back to myself on Thursday. It didn't happen. Madison and I have both been home sick. She missed her first school volleyball game and will miss the first tournament this weekend, and I will miss my much needed 20 mile run this weekend. Luckily the coach we have this season has lots of long runs in our plan (I've already done a 16 and two 18 mile runs). We have a 22 miler in two weeks. It just stinks.

Oh, and something else that stinks - cancer. Ok, maybe it doesn't stink. It flat out sucks. All kinds. In all people. No one deserves cancer. If or when you can, please support the cause to fight cancer. Any kind.

And because you may or may not know it, I will tell you that September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Most people think cancer only happens to adults. They are very wrong. Way too many kids get cancer and not near enough research dollars go toward fighting childhood cancer. And that's just wrong.

Ok, I'll get off my soap box now.

Today is also a day we need to remember all of men and women who serve our country and help protect our freedoms. Thank you for all you do.

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Grandma J said...

I don't know how I missed this post, but I just want to say two things.

Thank you for remembering our troops,
and also for bringing awareness to Childhood Cancer Month. This is something you never ever hear in the media.

Also, your father is in my prayers, as is your whole family. Now, where is the cooler weather? Not just a couple of days either!