Sunday, July 28, 2013

Cap 10K 2013

Every year I do the Cap 10K.  This year was no different.  There were several folks doing the race as part of the “Do It Like It Means Something” non-profit, so we met at the start line for a group photo.  Most of them are walkers or very slow runners, so I knew I would not stay with them in the race and headed up the coral toward the start line until I found the group that would be running my pace.

Last year the race didn’t start until 9am and it was already hot and humid before the race even started.  At least this year, the start time had been moved back to 8am.  It was a little bit better at least. 

I have been doing a lot of studying this year and not as much training as usual and after the TIR two weeks ago, I knew this would not be a PR race for me.  I just hoped to come in under an hour.

The Cap 10K course is fairly hilly in the first half and then flattens out in the second half, so it’s a good course to negative split.  I think I did that.

Mile 1:  9:43
Mile 2:  9:29
Mile 3:  9:42
Mile 4:  9:20
Mile 5:  9:24
Mile 6:  9:24
last .2:  1:53

Somewhere around mile 5 I started running next to a guy who had about the same pace as me.  I would pass him on the slight inclines and then he would catch me on the slight declines, but we kind of stayed together.  It was motivation to not slow down and it worked.  We crossed the finish line about the same time.  My final time was 58:58 for a 9:30 pace.  I was ok with that and got to say another Cap 10K is in the books.

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