Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Tri Doc Wacky Costume 5k - 2013

Well, I certainly wasn’t planning on doing another 5k race so soon after the last one (one week later), but if the schedule allows and there’s a race, why not?

One of my former high school classmates also happens to be a chiropractor who I happen to go to for Active Release Therapy and Graston when I need it.  He is also an Ironman triathlete, so he understands the injuries and tightness we have and he fixes it so you can get back to training.  I had seen him post on Facebook that he was hosting a 5k race.  And not just an ordinary 5k race.  It was a Wacky Costume 5K Race.  You had to wear AND race in a costume, or you got 5 minutes added to your time.

My schedule was free and I hoped, once again, that maybe it might be a small race and I might be able to place, so I signed up.  And then I raided the Halloween box to find something to wear.  Because there was absolutely, no way I was getting 5 minutes added to my time.  I needed all the help I could get.  I finally decided I would wear my red Nike shorts, a red tank top and the devil ears and tail I had.  I also had a pitchfork that I would carry.  Me being a devil.  Not really out of the ordinary. 

Unlike last week, today was muggy.  The temps weren’t bad, but the humidity was.  When I showed up for the race, there were some pretty good costumes.  I was glad I wasn’t the only one in a costume, but kind of wished I had put more effort into it now.  Oh well.  I would be spared the extra 5 minutes and that’s all that matters.

And I picked right this time.  It WAS a small race.  Maybe 30-40 participants total.  Surely I had a shot.  Although there were some fast looking women, and again, no age on the leg to tell me what age group they were in (I knew there was a reason I like triathlons).

As the horn blew for us to start running, we took off.  For a while, the race organizer, another woman and myself were running in a pack.  We were doing well, but I could tell the humidity was getting to me.  This course was run on a paved trail in a park and was an out and back.  This would give me a good chance to see who was ahead of me.  There weren’t many, but I didn’t know exactly how many.

Since it was such a small race, there were no mile markers, but when I heard my garmin beep that we had been a mile I glanced at the watch and saw 8:30.  Not bad.  Not as good as last week, but not bad. 

I started to see the lead runner on the way back.  I looked for costumes and bibs and counted.  If I was right, I would be placing.  It was just a matter now of where.  I rounded the turnaround point and headed back to the finish line. 

The little pack we started with had broken up now.  The race organizer had pulled ahead and then I pulled in front of the other lady.  I could feel her on my heels though.  Not knowing her age, I did everything I could to keep her from passing me.  I even sprinted at the end.  Turns out I didn’t really need to as she wasn’t in my age group.  Oh well.

I crossed the finish line in 26:44, just a little bit slower than last week.  I waited around for the awards and was actually surprised to learn that I got FIRST place in my age group.  Out of seven. But I was first.  I was a very happy devil!

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M said...

Love the costume! Can't believe you ran with the pitchfork! Great time to!!!! Congrats!