Friday, December 7, 2007

Sad Goodbyes and The Madness Begins

Tuesday was my son's music program at school, so no workout for me. He looked very nice all dressed in khaki's and a red sweater along with a Santa hat. The program was cute.

However, when we got home, my son found our 16 year old cat in the bathroom. He was still alive, but couldn't move and we could tell he was having a hard time breathing. We knew he wouldn't make it through the night, and he didn't. MoMo (named after Morris the cat because he was an orange tabby) was a great cat. We found him as a stray when I was still in college. My husband (who was just a boyfriend at the time) was over for dinner one night. We had the windows of the apartment open because it was nice outside. All of a sudden this orange cat jumped up on the window from the outside and started meowing. I love cats so I put some food out for him. He kept hanging around and was being chased by dogs, so I adopted him. Since I had another cat at the time (who was very territorial) my parents took MoMo home until we graduated. But then he was ours for good. He was wonderful when the kids came along. They could pull on his tail and pick him up in very uncomfortable ways and he wouldn't do a thing. And if you scratched him just right, he would lick you. We miss you MoMo.

Wednesday was our 15th anniversary. However, with MoMo passing away, we needed to bury him. My parents live out on several acres and all the family pets are buried there. After work, we went over there and buried him. I just didn't feel like working out after that.

Thursday I got back to the workouts. I got a 5 mile run in and it felt good. Tonight is my off day and it's a good thing. In just a bit we are headed to our annual ornament exchange at the church. Everyone brings a wrapped ornament. We draw numbers. The first person picks an ornament and opens it. If #2 wants #1's ornament, they can steal it. Otherwise, #2 picks a new gift. This continues until everyone has an ornament. Each ornament can only be stolen three times and then it is frozen. And person #1 gets to look over all the ornaments (except the frozen ones) at the end and take what they want. Being that it's a church function, it can get down right mean at times (in a fun way, but the "thou shalt not steal" commandment gets broken MANY times during the night). And my husband and I have a nifty way of stealing from others (including each other) so that we can freeze an ornament if we really want it. The other fun thing is that several years ago someone brought a pickle ornament. From what we've been told, it's an old German tradition. Whoever finds the pickle ornament on the tree Christmas morning gets a special gift. Well, you can imagine the look on the persons face the first year the "pickle" was in play. Many jokes are made about the "pickle" and whoever gets it always tries to convince someone else to steal it from them, but it never works. Whoever gets the pickle one year brings it back the next year. Last year, we got the pickle. And you guessed it, it's wrapped and ready to go back this year!

Tomorrow I'm finally getting to run long with my TNT group. On schedule: 16 miles. It's going to feel good. My daughter has a babysitting certification class all day, so when I am done running, I'm going to do some Christmas shopping - all by myself! Wahoo. And tomorrow night we've got something fun planned for our family. I'll wait until it's over to share.

Let the madness begin!

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