Monday, December 31, 2007

Good Bye 2007, Hello 2008

In just a few hours, 2008 will officially be here. Today had been designated as my "pajama day" and I was able to pull if off for the most part. I had planned to sleep in, do whatever I wanted around the house today, and not get out of my pajamas (actually flannel lounge pants and a sweatshirt) all day.

I woke up this morning around 7:30, but decided I was not getting out of bed until 8:00. When the clock hit 8:00, I got up. I made some banana nut muffins and switched out my calendar in my planner while they were cooking. After breakfast, I didn't do much of anything until I decided I needed to get in one last workout of 2007. I hopped on the treadmill and ran 5 miles while watching the Cal vs AFA football game. Then I headed outside to take down the Christmas lights that were still up. After that, I showered and got right back in my comfy lounge clothes. I've been on the couch napping/reading ever since. I just ate something for dinner and we've got some friends coming over shortly for a "Wii game night" to celebrate the new year. I've already warned them that I'll be in my comfy clothes and I'm not changing.

Looking back at 2007, overall it was a good year. Here is what I accomplished in the workout arena:
January - Disney's Goofy Challenge (half marathon and full marathon)
February - AT&T Austin Marathon
March - Capitol 10,000 (10K race)
May - Deutschen Fest Bike Ride and Deutschen Fest 5K
June - Danskin Sprint Triathlon and Lake Pflugerville Sprint Triathlon
October - Longhorn Half Ironman Triathlon and Nike Women's Marathon
November - Race for the Cure
December - Trail of Lights 5K

Miles Ran: 904.97
Miles Biked: 606.01
Hours on the stationary bike: 2.5
Hours on the trainer: 15.25
Miles Swam: 44.14 plus open water swims

I was disappointed that I didn't run 1,000 miles and surprised that I swam 44. Looking at 2008, I know that the bike mileage needs to increase a lot. And it will. Each year I fundraise for one event with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team in Training group. In 2008, I will be fundraising for a century ride around Lake Tahoe. So, I know that bike mileage will increase. What I hope is that as the bike miles increase the run miles don't decrease. While I like to do it all, running is still my first priority. I guess I like it so much because I can do it from anywhere as long as I have my running shoes. And while I like to enjoy some of my marathons and not worry about my time (like Disney), one of these days I'd like to try to shave time off my marathon PR (personal record).

For 2008, I already have some races scheduled and am comtemplating others. Work was good this year and I ended up with a new tri bike, so I hope to do more triathlons this year so that I can get some good use out of the bike. I just need to look at the schedule and plan everything. We are also planning a big extended family vacation for the summer of 2008, so I'll have to work around that. And I'm in charge of a youth retreat this summer and my high school reunion will be in 2008. It will be a busy year, but hopefully I can also make time for rest and relaxation along the way. We'll see how well I do with that.

As you and your family ring in 2008, I wish you all health and happiness in the New Year. May you appreciate each day you have here on earth and spend it the way you want. God bless you all and Happy New Year!

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