Monday, December 3, 2007

It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas


But not a lot like Christmas like it does for the Jones family (see Now THAT looks like Christmas!

Since it's been a while since I've updated, I'll back track. Last Wednesday was a 3 mile run. Thursday was a 4 mile run and Friday was my off day.

On Saturday, the team was scheduled for a 12 mile run, but my husband had a meeting which meant I had the kids and no running with the group for me. Instead, I woke the kids up early and we went to meet the group anyway. We were the first aid station. We were parked somewhere around mile 4. After Thanksgiving, we got a cold front, but Saturday was nothing like winter. It was muggy and humid. By the time teammates got to me, most of them were drenched with sweat. The route they were running was a good one and I wanted to be running so bad. So, when we got done and got home, I hit the treadmill - for a 12 mile run. Yep, I did 12 miles on the treadmill and only walked a total of about a mile. I just put the tv on football and took off. Yes it was boring, but it needed to get done.

After the run I showered and ate and then waited for my husband to get home so we could run errands. Both of the kids have programs coming up that require "church attire" and while we go to church every Sunday, our church is very laid back; therefore the kids needed "church attire". Mission accomplished. Then we took my daughter out to eat Mexican food as she starts the beginning stages of getting braces this week and we are not sure how much longer she'll be able to eat those chips and hot sauce and hard tacos. Then it was back home for more football watching.

And FINALLY on Sunday we started getting Christmas stuff up. It was 85 degrees here on Sunday which meant we were out putting up the lights in shorts and t-shirts. And it was December 1st! Crazy weather. Then we put up the tree in the office and the stockings. We still need to get up the main tree, but we have more furniture in the living room this year and need to figure out where to put it. But it is looking like Christmas even if it doesn't really feel that way.

And speaking of Christmas, everyone needs to put out a plate of cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve, right? Well, I know just where you can get a personalized plate to leave those cookies on and help a good cause all at the same time! Go on over to and check out the plate fundraiser. Marey's daughter is a cancer survivor and she believes in giving back. Over the past few year's she has raised tons of money for various cancer organizations. All the money raised from the sale of these plates will go to three families whose children have gone through transplants. PLEASE check it out and do what you can to help!

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M, Ms. R, Mom, Auntie M, Marey said...

I tried to find your email but couldn't find it...let me know what size dog you have and your address and I will send you a Christmas doggie scarf. The one my cat ahs on is small...large would fit my old, black lab.
Happy Running :) My email is on my blog and carngbridge.