Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Thanksgiving "F"s

And no, I'm not giving the Thanksgiving Holiday an "F". It's just that when I thought about what to update about Thanksgiving, many things start with an "F".

1. Free time - I took the Wednesday before Thanksgiving off from work. The kids were out of school and I felt like this was a good year to be off since we were headed out of town. I got in my morning run, got the oil changed in the car, ran a couple of other errands, packed and was ready to go when my husband got home from work.

2. Family - every year we alternate spending Thanksgiving with the different sides of the family. This year was the year to spend with my husband's family.

3. Food - do I need to say anything more?

4. Four Mile Run - ok, this isn't on everyone's list, but it was on mine. I tried to sleep late on Thanksgiving, but I just couldn't stay in bed past 7:30. So I got up, ate breakfast and got dressed for my run. I had expected the cold front and packed accordingly and it was a good thing. Especially since I had to stand in the 40 degree, wind blowing weather for a minute or two until my garmin locked in on a satellite before I could start running. And not 20 steps into the run I wanted to turn around and call it quits (the wind was horrible), but I made myself keep going and I got in my 4 miles.

5. Football - there were some excellent games on this weekend, but being the Aggie that I am, my favorite was the A&M vs. t.u. game (yes, that's how we Aggies recognize the University of Texas). We beat them for a second year in a row! Whoop!!!

Friday night after the game, we drove back home. I got up early Saturday to run with my run group, but it was extremely cold, pouring down rain, and there was some thunder and lightning. The run was cancelled so I headed back home and crawled back in bed until 9:00. Then I got up and ran 8 miles on the treadmill. I should have done more, but I just couldn't. I took a shower and watched some more good football. What a lovely lazy day.

Sunday was equally cold with some rain as well, but what made Sunday special was that it was my daughter's 12th birthday. We had family over for ice cream and then took her to dinner at Cheddars.

Because of all the rain, we didn't get Christmas lights up like we normally do and since we didn't do that, we didn't get the tree out yet either. Hopefully next weekend.

Monday I was back to running with a 5 mile run and tonight I was back at yoga. That may have been my last yoga of the year. Next Tuesday is my son's music program at school, the following Tuesday is my daughter's choir concert, the following Tuesday is my husband's birthday and the next Tuesday is Christmas. Yikes! When I told my husband that, he asked if my yoga instructor made house calls. I told him that for enough money she would :) I guess I'll have to pull out the dvds.

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Grandma J said...

Isn't it nice to be a guest on Thanksgiving? Just one more thing to be thankful for.
Sadly the picking of the "bones" and left over pie, doesn't come with that package deal.
I love lazy rainy football weekends, I craft in between....kind of like you run and train ;0).
Happy belated birthday to your daughter on her 12th!! Let the fun years begin!