Thursday, November 8, 2007

I Love Cooler Weather

The weather has finally started to cool off here and it's wonderful for working out (although it gets dark so early it's hard to fit everything in). Tuesday night for yoga I actually worn long pants and a long sleeve top over my normal top. I ended up taking the long sleeve top off during class, but it's definitely feeling like fall around here. And boy was I glad to get back to yoga. My hamstrings have been tight, and I can only inflict so much pain on myself when I roll on my foam roller. Yoga really helps stretch the muscles out.

Wednesday I was resigned to run on the treadmill while my daughter was at Bible study, but I heard my husband say to my son that they would go up to the "fields" later and do hills. Hmmm. Where are you going? They were going to go to the elementary school close by our house, so I convinced them to go - NOW - so that I could go with them. I knew we would be cutting it close. And maybe it was that or the weather, or maybe my Garmin was off, but I ran my "warmup" mile in 8:04. That's not very "warmup" for me. That's fast for me. The I raced my son in a short sprint and then we started hills. The hills were VERY short and not really that steep, but I figured if I got a lot in that would be ok. My son did six and I did twelve. Then I headed back to the very short track and ran until I hit 3 miles on my garmin. It showed 27 minutes and change. That's about the time I did the 5K in on Sunday. Must be the weather. Then I walked fast for another mile and off we went to get my daughter.

Tonight my daughter, my mom and I are going to go see the play that my daughter tried out for earlier in the year but didn't make. Then tomorrow night, I'll be doing my long run while my mom does her long walk. My mom and dad are signed up and training for the Disney Full Marathon in January, so I'm helping them along the way since I'll be there, too. We have 14 miles on the schedule. Guess I better go to Academy at lunch and get a light to wear.


heartshapedhedges said...

The weather is much cooler here too. Andrew's swim practice goes until it starts to get dusky (5:15pm) and it totally has thrown him off. He thinks he is swimming longer....that we are making him swim until dark, I had to explain the time change thing. But it is getting much cooler, which I like.

Your work out schedule is amazing, I get pooped out just reading about it. God bless you for your support to find a cure, we are lucky to have you on our team :)

Shauna said...

Yay for fall weather! I find I run faster in the cool than in the heat. Enjoy your faster times and good running!

Brenda Harris said...

Thank you SOOO much for your incredible drive to make a difference!!! And thank you for running for Korey!

Be good to deserve it!!!

Have a happy day,