Sunday, November 11, 2007

Spoke Too Fast

The play Thursday night was really good. I was impressed that middle school students could do so well with only a couple of months to prepare. There are some talented students at that school!

And the cooler weather that was here Wednesday night was gone by Friday. After work, I went home to change and headed out to the lake to meet my mom and my friend to get our long run in. When I got there, I think the temperature was in the low 80s. But we did it. The lake has a 3 mile loop around it. Since my mom is a walker, she had gotten there early and had already started. We called her to see which way she started out and then we went the other way so that we would run into her. When we got to her, my friend turned around and started walking with my mom. I kept going. I did the first loop in 29:36; the second loop in 30:18; and the third loop in 32:05. That gave me 9 miles. It was starting to get dark and there are no lights out there. Since I didn't want to be by myself in the dark, I kept running until I met up with mom and Brandi. By that point I had run over 10 miles. I decided I could just walk with them for the remaining miles. We did one more loop which gave me 14.75 miles total. A successful night!

My husband had a meeting Saturday morning so I didn't get to go run with my TNT group. Instead, I took the opportunity and slept in (well, slept in for me - I was awake by 7:00). My son had a soccer game in the afternoon and then we spent the evening cleaning and watching college football.

This morning was youth Sunday at church. They did an AWESOME job!!! Right after church we had to leave to go to my son's first indoor soccer game. He will be playing indoor soccer over the winter months until regular soccer starts back up in the spring. Indoor soccer is interesting. Very fast paced, but it forces the boys to work on foot skills and passing, so it should be great practice.

Tonight at youth group we are doing a fast food scavenger hunt. These are fun to do. The kids always make fun of me and want to be in my car because I'm so competitive. We'll see what happens tonight!

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Anonymous said...

I would just like to point out once again that my team won! YAY for 16 cent Sonic ice cups! Have a good week!