Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hilly, Humid, Rainy 10K

After the short workout Thursday and after driving 1.5 hours each way to my daughter's choir contest on Friday, I decided Friday would be my "off" day. I just didn't feel like working out and I needed an off day before today's race. But Saturday I knew I had to get in a long bike ride of some sort. The team was doing a pay ride, but I had to take my daughter to a meeting while my husband and son were at a soccer game, so I couldn't join the group. After her meeting, we went to pick up my packet for today's race and by the time we got home it was after noon. I ate the sample bar I had picked up at the expo and got into my cycling gear. I decided I was going to put the bike on the trainer and see how long I could go. Most of the group were doing the 62 mile ride option of the ride they did, so I knew I needed to go long. But that's hard to do for me on a trainer.

So I set the bike up, found a special about cruising on the travel channel and pedaled away. During the ride my daughter brought me some m&ms and some pretzels. And I learned that there is a cruise ship called "The World" by ResidenSea that people actually LIVE on. Full time. Like that's their home. And the rooms have kitchens and walk in closets and they are really nice. There are less than 300 people that live on the ship. And to get an "apartment" on the ship, you have to have a MINIMUM net worth of a bunch of money. I can't remember exactly what it was. What comes to mind is half a million, but in reality, for that ship, that sounds low. It was interesting to watch and dream. The balconies all have private hot tubs. And the residents decide where the ship goes. And it literally goes all over the world. How cool is that? Cool enough that it kept me occupied for an hour. After that was a special about Do's and Don'ts of Cruising. We've been on a couple of cruises but I watched anyway because I've got the itch to go on another one. But even with the cruise specials, when I hit 40 miles and 2 hours 42 minutes and 55 seconds, I had had enough. It was almost 5:00 and I knew I needed to rest my legs a little for my race this morning. So I took a shower, ate dinner, and relaxed the rest of the evening.

The race this morning didn't start until 8:45, so I felt like I was able to sleep in and take my time getting ready. I got downtown about 8:00, parked, walked to the start line and immediately got in line for the port-a-potties. By the time I got through the line and got to the coral, it was just about time for the race to start. Perfect timing. The only bad thing was that when I got up this morning it was already 70 degrees. And muggy. And overcast. And right before the race started, it started to rain. Not a heavy rain, but a steady rain. It was a little chilly at first, but I knew once we started it would feel good.

And when we started, the rain started harder. It ended up raining through the whole race. Light at moments and harder at moments (but never a really hard rain). The good part of that is that the temperature never got into the predicted 80s during the race, but the bad news was the humidity. I almost had to stop during the first couple of miles because it made my cough act up, but finally got through that and felt pretty good. Thank goodness because miles 2-3 are the hilly parts of the course. When I hit mile 5 I thought I might be able to break my record, but when I look at the splits on my Garmin it appears that the last mile was my slowest mile. It didn't feel like it at the time. I'm not sure if it was mismeasured or if I really did slow down that much, but I ended up at 1:00:41. About a minute slower than last years race. But with the rain, the humidity and legs still recovering from 40 miles on the trainer, I'll take it.

After the race, I headed home to shower and get some dry clothes on, eat some lunch and then head to my son's soccer game. It stopped raining after I got home, so it was kind of nice at his game. And even better because they won 5-0. My daughter and I are back home so that I can get her to confirmation tonight, but my husband and son went back to the fields for game #2 today. I hope they play as well tonight as they did this afternoon.

Race Splits
Mile 1: 9:18
Mile 2: 10:02
Mile 3: 10:16
Mile 4: 9:45
Mile 5: 8:38
Mile 6: 11:04
.2: 1:36


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Anonymous said...

Good job! This humidity is gross. I feel like I'm back in Beaumont!

M, Ms. R, Mom, Auntie M, Marey said...

...bummer I did not get picked in the lottery for the SF Nike marathon next Oct....I guess it will be the Rock n'Roll in San Jose. Keep riding!

Grandma J said...

I could have used that cruise tips show. I'm going on an Alaskan cruise in September. There are 9 of us and I'm the only one not in CA so I don't get to the meetings. They want late dinner, I want open seating. I just go with the majority, but planning the side trips is hard.
Seems cruises used to be easier. just pay and go.