Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Weather Needs to Make up it's Mind

This week was a busy one. And a weird one as far as weather was concerned. Monday I got in a 5 mile run on the treadmill. Tuesday was my yoga day. Wednesday was an absolutely beautiful day. Almost a perfect spring day. When I got home from work I took off on my tri bike in shorts and my short sleeved jersey. It was perfect. Probably about 78 degrees. I got in 18.2 miles before I needed to be home.

And then Thursday hit. Sometime during the night Wednesday night, a cold front blew in. The high Thursday was 59 degrees, and that was at midnight. The temperatures continued to drop all during the day and there was a chance of rain. The temperatures stayed in the high 30s most of the day. I was hoping for rain. My husband was out of town, which meant I would have to take my son to soccer. If it didn't rain, practice would be outsided from 6:30-8:00 and I knew it would be VERY cold. If it rained, practice would be moved indoor. I got my wish and we went indoor. But we didn't get home until 8:45 and by the time I got the kids in bed, there was no way I was doing any kind of workout.

Friday I got on the treadmill since my husband was still out of town. I just did 4 miles knowing that I would get in a long bike ride on Saturday.

Saturday turned out to be a really busy day again. My husband was still out of town, but I decided to have a garage sale and get ride of stuff that's been in our garage for a while and donate the proceeds to my fundraising cause for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. So I got up early, put the signs out and put everything on the driveway. It was in the 30s and I wasn't sure how many people would come. But they did. Around 10:30 I started packing it back up so that I could get ready to ride. My parents had said they would watch the kids so I could get the ride in. It had warmed up by then to the high 50s/low 60s so I headed out the the lake and took off for the countryside from there. Since I had to get back and shower and be somewhere that evening, I only got in 35.53 miles before I needed to leave to pick up the kids and head home. We also had to pick up my brother's dogs as we are dog sitting again while his family is on vacation.

Today, well, I'm just exhausted. We went to church this morning and then came home so my daughter could pack. She left at 1:00 to go on a mystery ramble with the youth group until Wednesday. None of the kids have a clue where they are going or what they will be doing. They had 19 kids from our church go and then some kids from 2 other churches will be joining them. As soon as we dropped her off, I came home, got on the couch and promptly fell asleep. It felt good to take a nap. And again, it's cold, windy and looks like its about to rain. Since my husband won't be home until later this evening when it will be too late to ride, I'm taking today as another rest day.

Next week is spring break for the kids. I'm working the whole week, but with my daughter gone until Wednesday, I may have some more time in the evenings to workout. My plan is to hit the pool for the first time this spring and start getting use to swimming again. And if the weather will cooperate, I'm hoping to be on the bike a lot this week.

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Shauna said...

Mike just missed the beautiful weather last week. He flew in to Austin Wednesday night for work and then flew back out on Friday night. The kids were so excited that he'd been to Texas and asked if it had been warm and sunny. He had to say no--it was cold and rainy. I guess you never can guess what Texas weather will be, right? :) Great job on your workouts. You are awesome!