Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Voted - Have You???

I did my civic duty this week and went at lunch on Tuesday to vote. It only took about 10 minutes. Not much of a line, which was good. I'm glad I got it done early. Have you voted yet? If not, please make sure you vote.

As far as training, I didn't get anything in on Saturday other than running kids where they needed to go and sitting on the sideline of soccer games most of the day - literally. Dalton's first game was at 9:00am in the south part of town. We left the house at 7:30 to make sure we got there by 8:15. His first game of the 3v3 tournament on the north side of town was at 2:25. He had four games and the last one was suppose to be at 6:30. They were running late, so it was more like 7:00. We didn't leave the fields until 8:00pm. It made for a long day.

Which might explain why I felt so exhausted on Sunday. I sat on the couch after church and felt like I could just fall asleep. But I hate not doing any kind of workout on the weekend when I have more time, so I made myself go for a run. It was about 4:00 when I went and was about 80 degrees. I made it 5 miles and that was all I had in me. It's funny how 80 degrees feels cool during the middle of the summer, but after a few cold fronts 80 degrees feels really hot. It's all relative.

Monday's workout was much better as a cold front blew through again and the temps were in the high 60s/low 70s. I even wore a long sleeved shirt for my 6 mile run with 6 hill repeats in the middle. It felt good.

Tuesday I had to miss yoga due to a board meeting, so I hopped on the trainer for 30 minutes and got 9.12 miles in on the bike. That's over 18mph average and I could feel it in my quads.

Tonight was speedwork. Again, the temps were high 70s. Perfect. I did a 15 minute warmup and then 3 minutes hard / 2 minutes easy. I did that 6 times and then did a 15 minute cool down. I got in 6.19 miles in an hour. That's less than a 10 minute mile! Wahoo. And that wasn't in a race, just a regular workout.

I'm curious to see how I do this weekend. I'm running in the Race for the Cure. I've done it every year for the past 8 or 9 years in memory of a family friend and church member who died of breast cancer in 1999. It's also where I set my 5K PR of 26:01 in 2006. Let's see if I can beat that this year.

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M, Ms. R, Mom, Auntie M, Marey said...

Yep, I know what you mean about the temperature change....80 felt too hot to ride home yesterday....of course I was dressed for the cold morning foggy eather so it made it worse. Soon it will be too cold to run!