Friday, October 31, 2008

A Little Halloween Fun

This is what my two kids looked like tonight before heading out. Miss Goth Girl With An Attitude and good old Freddy.
Goth Girl went to a Halloween party and Freddy went to help scare people in a haunted house his friend's dad made in their garage. That means I'm at home handing out candy, which I haven't done in several years. For the past several years, we've gone to Main Street Halloween so the kids can trick-or-treat and then we've gone to my brother's house to have fun with the cousins.
It's been interesting handy out candy. We live in a cul-de-sac, so we don't get the heavy traffic, but what I've seen this year is mostly older kids - middle school age to early high school age. That doesn't bother me so much if they are dressed up, but I've have several come to the door in no costume at all with their pillow cases outstretched. Come on people - if you want candy, dress up. And at what point are you too old?


Anonymous said...

Dalton is a nut and all I can say is thank goodness that's not what Maddi really looks like!

Grandma J said...

Your kids look so cute! I took Aaron our for a costume (for helping me with my contest) and he picked out a Scream costume that had a pump with artificial blood. I was surprised, but I guess it's a 12 yr old boys thing.
I don't get kids here, but last year I was at my daughters, and I stayed to hand out candy. Not one kid was under 12.

BusyBeeSuz said...

Scary goth girl and Scary Freddie. ;)
Sounds like a fun night. I agree, dress up or go home. Lazy teenagers!!!:)