Saturday, February 28, 2009

Brutal, but fun (sort of)

So I have just a few minutes in between games and I thought I'd post a quick update.

This morning I dropped my daughter off for her games and then headed over to meet the cycle team for our nutrition clinic and our ride in the brutal 20+ mph winds. The winds were really bad, but lots of riders were willing to ride, so off we went.

When it started, I was in the first group. Luckily there were several guys in the group that I could tuck in behind, because it was BRUTAL. On the way out (heading straight into the north wind) we were going between 7 & maybe 11 mph. And that was pushing it. We had hoped to go farther, but after about an hour of stuggling in the wind, everyone decided to turn around and head back.

And that was the fun part. On one of the downhills, I was flying and reached 42.4 mph! Wahoo!!! That was fun. And there were parts where I was doing 25-30mph and didn't even feel like I was working at all. It only took us about 30 minutes to get back.

On the soccer front - My daughter's team lost all four games, but the one goal they did score was made by Madison!!! And, because there were only 4 teams in her division, they've qualified for nationals. Ha! They want to stay together and maybe even practice (imagine that) and play together some more. Should be interesting.

My son's team won 6-0. Their next game is at 6:30 and then we go straight from there to the Aztex game. And you can bet I'll be bundled up. The wind still hasn't died down.


Grandma J said...

You are a real trooper! The wind has been something else...I don't know what the temp was with the wind chill factored in, but the temp was in the low 50s. I spent the whole day at a track meet that my granddaughter ran in. Of course her events where spread out from the beginning until the end, so I was praying for mercy and a quick death from 8 a.m. until 5:30
p.m. I'm heading in for a hot shower...a really long one.

Kudos to your son, and gl to Madison at state.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I can't believe you riding THAT fast..I know people who can't drive that fast. Bummer about not winning the soccer games...some days it just turns out like that.

Missy said...

OH how I hate the headwind. 20mph would have shut me down for sure. You get a prize for even attempting. That would blow my contacts right out of my eyes;)

M said...

If you trained in the wind you will be set for the wind in Tahoe if it happens...I know I told you about the first year I rode windy...but we didn't know better. Then the next year was absolutely beautiful!

Good luck in soccer...we have one basketball game left...I say that because they are playing a private school with all the trimmings.
Happy Sunday!