Sunday, March 1, 2009

Gluten For Punishment

As if I didn't freeze enough yesterday, I did it again today.

This morning it was cold (in the low 30s) and still windy, but not like yesterday. Todays winds were probably 10-15 mph. My son's two games today were at 8am and 12:30. I looked at the times and said, hmmm, I can get a ride in between those games. So Thursday (before I knew what the weather would be like) I sent out an email asking if anyone wanted to ride.

So this morning, despite the cold, I loaded my bike and headed to the soccer fields. After the game, my family headed to IHOP and warmness while I sat in my car waiting to see if anyone would show up to ride. And someone did. Patrick, one of our captains, came. So, we headed off for a ride. It was really cold at first, but the wind was not like yesterday. Yes, it was still windy, but tolerable. We had a great time chatting and not worrying about speed. After riding a way, I finally warmed up a bit, but as we got close to an hour on my watch (which includes stops at lights, etc.) we had been almost 10 miles and it just seemed like a good time to turn around.

And it was a good thing we did. Once again, we could go faster much easier with the tail wind, but then I got a flat. On the rear tire. Uggghhh. Not again. So, I set out to change it. But I'm not so good when I can't get some air in the tube first and I didn't have my pump with me; only CO2 cartridges. Not wanting to waste CO2 cartridges, I just put the tube in without any air. And somehow ripped a hole in the tube as I put the tire back on the rim. So when we tried to air the tube up with the CO2, the tube did not air up and there went the C02 cartridge. Took it out, put a new tube in and finally got it back on. Rode back to the fields, put the bike up and headed to the 12:30 game.

Dalton's team won big at the last game. Winning all their games put them in first place. We went to the little ceremony so he could get hardware and then headed home. Since I had taken my bike this morning, we went in two different vehicles. On the way home, my family was behind me and my daughter called and said BOTH my break lights were out. Yikes!

As soon as we got home I changed clothes and had my husband follow me to the car place. I needed to get my car inspected anyway, so I just got it all taken care of. I had really hoped for a nice warm shower and then a nap. Instead, I spent most of my afternoon in the waiting area getting my car fixed. But now it's fixed. And I'm pooped. I'm off to veg on the couch.

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M said...

Check the little rubber/felt thingy that lines your rim on the inside...when I was getting flats, on the rear tire of course, the lining had slipped aside and a spoke was rubbing the tube and causing the's worth a try. And I am not the best at changing tubes...and I can't work the tiny air pump either..I prefered the big one that snapped on my frame but was told I looked too 1980!

I hope you got your nice warm shower!!