Monday, March 16, 2009

The Yo Yo Weather

Well, after the busy week I had last week, yoga Tuesday night was much needed. And I was hopeful for nice weather, but late Tuesday night a cold front blew in and with it came the rain. Yep. The wet stuff that we haven't had here in a long time. We needed the rain, but it kind of put a kink in the workout plan. So Wednesday and Thursday night I ended up on the treadmill (4 & 5 miles).

Friday I picked up my packet for Spokes & Spurs which was a pay ride our team was scheduled to do on Saturday. Only with all the rain, we got notice Friday afternoon that it was cancelled. Friday night one of my mentees had a fundraiser at Pluckers. The kids had been wanting to eat there, so we went for dinner.

With the weather as it has been, the team ride for Saturday got postponed until 10:00 and Dalton's soccer game got cancelled, so we actually got to sleep in! Waking up without an alarm clock is a wonderful thing, even if it is at 7:15 in the morning.

Saturday was still cold and damp, but I went to meet up with the team anyway because I wanted to get a good ride in. However, not many captains or mentors showed up, so the coach asked me to hang toward the back to make sure everyone made it ok. In the end, I only got in a little over 27 miles. And I was freezing.

Came home, took a shower, ran some errands and then headed to the Austin Aztex vs Columbus Crew soccer game. When we went to Ohio last year with Dalton we saw Columbus Crew play in their home stadium. Because of that, we are kind of partial to their team. It was a tough call who we were going to cheer for, but we ended up going for the Aztex. And they won! 1-0. It was a great game and afterwards several of the players from both teams came to the stands. Dalton got lots of autographs, but not from the one Columbus Crew player he wanted. One of his teammates said he was mad they lost and probably wouldn't be coming out. Oh well.

We slept in a little Sunday as well because Madison was at a sleepover and we had told her we would pick her up before Sunday school and then we would go to our Creekside service at 11:00. It ended up being the quarterly breakfast instead of Sunday school, so we had a long wait until the service. After the service I was hoping for a nap because it was still cold and wet outside. I figured I'd take my nap and then ride after that when the weather was suppose to get better. I never did get the nap thanks to the phone, the kids, the dogs...... And I never got that ride in either. I just lay around all day and did absolutely nothing. And it felt good. I haven't had an "off" day like that in a long time because most of the time when I don't work out it's because I have too much other stuff to do. So, it was much needed and much enjoyed.

Today was hard to get up because the kids are on spring break. And I am not. But the weather is back to being in the high 70s / low 80s so I ran outside again today for 5 miles. And I can tell I need to get use to the heat before summer really gets here!


Grandma J said...

just when you think summer is coming we get hit with another cold spell.

M said...

We've got the same wind and rain much for the lamb!

Keep training!!

Missy said...

I KNOW, it's totally insane here too. Winter coat one day and t-shirt the next. No wonder everyone is sick! Get out there every chance you can....before it's too hot!

Cortney said...

I'm not ready at all for how hot it's going to be this summer. I'm enjoying the nice days while they last!

Anonymous said...

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