Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Great Week of Cycling

You have to love when you have great weather for spring break week. And while I didn't technically get a spring break, it seemed like a break because the kids had some down time.

After Monday's run in the hot weather I was looking forward to a good week of cycling, and I got it. My Tuesday night yoga class was cancelled due to spring break, so I got in a 36 mile ride with Patrick, one of the captains on our team. We made pretty good time going out on Parmer, but in typical fashion, once we turned around we had a strong headwind. Uggghhh. Wednesday night, I met Meredith and we did the same ride, only just a little shorter. We got 25 miles in.

I was hoping to get a run in on Thursday before dinner with some friends, but I forgot we had dental appointments, so no time for a run. And of course, after dinner I was too stuffed to run. So Thursday turned into a "rest" day. Since I didn't want two rest days in a row, I ran a nice easy 3 mile run on Friday.

Last weekend I was suppose to do Spokes & Spurs, but it got rained out. Well, today was the makeup ride and we couldn't have asked for better weather. Not many of our teammates did the ride (most of them did the buddy ride elsewhere) but those of us who did the ride had a great time. I wasn't really sure in the beginning if I was going to do the 44 mile route or the 62 mile route. I took my tri bike out today and I haven't been on it much, so I didn't know how I would feel. We had to make the decision at the 25 mile aid station.

When I started out I was with two guys from our team. Two other teammates had started with the 62 mile group, so they were a little ahead of us. We were doing well and I was having a blast on the straights and downhills on the tri bike. I feel like I'm flying on it, especially on the downhills. When we got to the 25 mile aid station we found out we had caught up with our other teammates - and four of us decided we were going for 62. So off we went.

It ended up being a great ride. There are some tough hills toward the finish and they are one right after the other. The hills always get me and I know that is one area I need to improve. It looks like I'll be doing hill repeats again this year when they start back up.

After I got home, I did a little yard work, played with the dogs and then lay in the hammock for a little bit. Then I showered and ate dinner. It's relaxing stuff for the rest of the evening.

This week I've ridden 123 miles on my bike. Wahoo!! I love weeks like this and I LOVE days like today!


Grandma J said...

It's been beautiful this week here in Central Texas. I'm glad you are getting some good riding time.

Busy Bee Suz said...

You are just amazing...really.
Glad you are having some nice weather to enjoy your outdoor sports....In a few months it will be a different story...HOT HOT HOT.
Do the kids ever ride with you? Do they like to run or bike?

M said...

Go Girl! That's more than I have ridden all month! On my last long ride we had to decide at mile 8 whether we were going 50 or 62...I called my sister and asked, "Green or Orange?" seh said orange and that was the paper with the 62 mile off I went. It's raining today after my craft faire so no run...perhaps tomorrow...I realy need to run but there is just no time!

Anonymous said...

Good job!