Monday, March 9, 2009

Will It Ever End????

The crazy busy life AND the wind!!!!
Life has been crazy around here as usual, but I just keep plugging away. After last weekend's brutal rides in the wind, I ran 5 miles on Monday in beautiful weather and it felt great. Tuesday I was back at yoga. And I can tell it had been a while. My hamstrings were TIGHT!

Wednesday ended up being a day off. I had my chiro appointment Wednesday, had to pick up contacts for my daughter, and then my daughter had to be at the school at 5:15. They were having family fun night and the choir was performing. They ended up only singing one song, but it was the Star Spangled Banner. The choir director informed us that this was "practice" as they have been invited to sing at the beginning of the Round Rock Express baseball game on April 21st. Wow!!! That will be cool.

Thursday I was back on the bike and back in the wind. Ugh. I decided to take Friday off work to get some things done. The local Leukemia & Lymphoma office was having a group gargage sale as a fundraising avenue for those of us raising money. So, I dropped the kids off at school Friday morning, headed home to run 5 miles, again in the wind, and then spent most of the day cleaning out the garage and getting stuff ready to sell. My parents were kind enough to take the stuff and sit there selling it for me.

Saturday morning's temps looked to be perfect for a bike ride and they were. But, we had 20mph winds again. I had to take a shortcut at one point to get back early and the whole stretch was right into the wind. I tell you, I'm going to rejoice on that first ride without any wind.

After I got back, I had to head home, change real quick and head out of town for a wedding. My husband's cousin's son (did you get that?) was getting married. When we got to my mother-in-law's I showered and got dressed and then we headed for the wedding. Madison was a cake server, so we had bought her a new dress and shoes. Doesn't she look grown up.

And check out the shoes!!!
The wedding was a 4:00 wedding. Lutheran wedding in a German town. That equals bar-b-que and lots of alcohol. When the preacher prays, "Lord, we know the beer has been flowing and we pray that everyone gets home safe and makes it to church in the morning" you know there are some heavy drinkers.

We came home after the wedding and picked up our dogs. We had left Tank with my brother who has a rat terrier and chihuahua and we had left Roscoe at my parents (they live on five fenced acres, so he could run free). Got in bed around 11:00, which with time change meant midnight.

Sunday we got up and went to early church because Dalton had another paintball birthday party to attend at 11:00. Then we went to my neices birthday party at 2:00. She's 15!!!! Then we went to youth group where our kids put together birthing kits. To find out more about this, head over to Cortney's blog.

I was a zombie the rest of the night. So exhausted.

Today was back to work. I hate driving to work in the dark. I ran 5 miles tonight, in the wind. It was blowing about 15mph tonight. Are you seeing a theme yet? I guess it will just make me stronger. After my run, I took Roscoe for his evening walk. He is asleep on the floor next to me right now. I think he is pooped. Tank wears him out and I think he's glad when Tank and Dalton go to bed. Tank sleeps in his kennel in Dalton's room. Roscoe sleeps on the couch! Yep, he's one spoiled dog. And he's mine!


Grandma J said...

Madison looks beautiful! I can only imagine how much fun that wedding reception was. I've been to German/Lutheran weddings before in CA. It's hard to imagine a German wedding in Texas (for me) but I forget that Phlugerville is a German town...a very nice town too. I was in at Old Settler's park Sunday...close by.
Dalton looks so cute all dressed up too. Boy's love paintball stuff, don't they? My son used to love it when he was a kid.

Hopefully you can get some good running without too much wind one of these days. I think by then the heat will be here.

M said...

The wind is blowing here to but at least there isn't rain in it! I rode home in the headwind...I hope it is gone tomorrow for both our sakes!

The kids look so handsome/beautiful in their wedding sound like you are running the hamster wheel too!

Happy Training!

Busy Bee Suz said...

You have been very busy....
I love Madison's dress and SHOES.
They both look so great.
Is it always windy this time of year in TX?
I know just driving w/ wind is more difficult and I can't imagine my legs being the motor to get through it.
take care,

Cortney said...

Busy busy people! Maddie looks so cute!

Missy said...

OH and Roscoe gets to sleep on the couch!?!? NICEEE work Roscoe, wayyy to wow em.

Crazy busy, I totally understand it!