Sunday, October 14, 2007

Lazy Days and Random Thoughts

After my half ironman Sunday, I took the week easy. Monday was definitely an off day for me. I ended up working for two ours in the pumpkin patch with my daughter at my church. No workout at all. Tuesday was much needed yoga. It felt gooooooddddd. At this point, I can't even remember what Wednesday was, but I know I didn't work out. I work for an ad agency and Thursday was a "Battle of the Media Stars". I did the 3 legged race in that with another co-worker. That was my workout for the day! Friday was a wash-the-clothes-and-get-stuff-done day.

Saturday morning I met with the TNT run team and took the easy way out by only doing 5 miles. The marathon is the 21st, so it's coming up soon. After the run, we went to a cafe for breakfast and last minute reminders about the race. We head out on Friday. After that I went to Sam's to help one of the participants raise some more money by having a bake sale. And then it was home to watch some college football and finish doing things around the house.

This morning we went to church, my daughter has a youth council meeting, my son has a soccer game, we have another meeting at church and then youth tonight. Busy day. And next week isn't going to be any better. But we'll get through.

I'm very excited about heading out to San Francisco for the marathon. Although I'm afraid I'm going to freeze. We are still in the high 80s and low 90s here. I checked and it looks like San Francisco is in the high 50s and low 60s. That's a 30 degree difference and while it will be perfect for marathon day, I'm going to have to take a jacket for the rest of the time.

I also wanted to say that one of the blogs I have been following is hillarious and you should check it out. It's All of us have gotten those emails from "the poor orphan whose rich uncle died, but they need someone to put the money in their bank account". Well, Kim actually responded back. They've had a few emails back and forth and it's quite funny. I would never have the guts to do that. Check it out if you want a good laugh.

I also want to say that yesterday was the Hawaii Ironman in Kona. An Ironman in itself is a huge accomplishment, but Kona is the big one. There are a few lottery entrances, but most of the people there have gotten there by qualifying. This means they placed in the top of their age group at another Ironman race. I watched some of the race last night on a live webcast. To see these people cross the finish line is amazing. Some of them look just fine, but others cross the line and then collapse. They can't even stand up by themselves. And some have very inspiring stories. If you haven't ever watch an Ironman, you should do so. They are sometimes replayed on tv on various channels and they are all usually webcast live on Check it out.

That's it for now. I'll try to update again before I leave, but if not, I'll update with a race report when I get back. That's if I don't freeze to death while I'm there.

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Dying Water Buffalo said...

Thanks for the link, that blog is pretty funny :)

And I've had yoga sessions like that, where you NEED to get it done... just feels so excellent.