Saturday, February 23, 2008

&*%#@#& Flats!

So I kind of took this week easy since I did the marathon on Sunday. I didn't do anything on Monday. I did my yoga on Tuesday. I did a 45 minute trainer ride Wednesday and an hour and 15 minute trainer ride on Thursday. Friday night we had a meeting we needed to be at, so Friday was another off day for me.

With all of that, I was looking forward to today's group ride. We were meeting in a small country town not far from where I live and I was guessing we would do 25-35 miles. I was really looking forward to getting out for a good ride. And after my last flat a couple of weeks ago, I had even gone to the bike store during lunch one day to get new tubes and CO2 cartridges.

This morning, the mentors and captains met at a little restaurant to go over how the season is going so far. Then we headed over to where we would meet the team and unloaded our bikes. When my bike got a flat two weeks ago, the tube I had was a short stemmed tube. I couldn't really get the tire aired up to the proper PSI today, so they said they would use my bike as the example bike when they showed everyone how to change a flat. Perfect. I'd get them to put in one of my new long stemmed tubes and I'd be set to go. The coach was amazing at changing my tire. He didn't even need tools and he did it in record time. Soon my tire was back on my bike and we were off.

We were suppose to be in 3 different pace groups. I had planned on going with the middle group but actually ended up with the fast group. Because of that, I ended up at the back of the pack trying to hold on. I wanted to do the longer route, so I figured I really needed to keep up or I might get lost. After the section of big hills, I began to fade. There were a couple of others who did the same, so we formed our own little pack. As we were getting close to our turnaround point I felt the bumpity bump. #@^&*@! I had a flat.

One of the girls riding with me is also a captain for the team. She pulled over with me and we took the tire off. We got the new tube in and were trying to put the tire back on and it wouldn't go. The assistant coach had to stop and help. It was just being too stubborn. I am so frustrated with the flats I've had lately. I've had this bike for 3 years. I rode over a year without a flat. Then I had one flat during the spring 2006 tri season. And I haven't had anymore until this season. And now I've had two in three weeks. I think it's time for new tires. Although I'm so frustrated, I think it's time for a new bike.

I ended up with 26.98 miles today. It felt good to get in the mileage, but hopefully next week it will be without the flat.


M, Ms. R, Mom, Auntie M, Marey said...

...on my first long ride for TNT I had 3 flats! Turns out when I got new tires and had the wheels trued the guy replaced the felt (or whatever it's called) that lines the wheel...and a spoke was poking through just enough to cause a flat. That was over 500 miles ago and I haven't had a flat since!

Happy Training!

Grandma J said...

I love cruising around on a bike. The kind of bike with upright handle bars and fat tires. never going really fast. That would be a beach cruiser, I guess.

My biggest fear of the real bikes is going really fast and getting a flat. Especially when your head is already halfway down to the pavement to begin with. I really admire you and all the TNT riders.