Friday, February 15, 2008

Trying to Stay Healthy

On Sunday, my daughter started running a fever. I took her to the doctor on Monday and they tested her for the flu. It came back positive. She's been home all week, and I've been trying not to get sick myself. So far, so good. Let's just hope that it stays that way.

I got in an hour on the trainer Sunday since I didn't want to leave her at home sick by herself. My husband and son were at a soccer tournament all day and came home with a 3rd place trophy.

Monday I got in a treadmill run, Tuesday was yoga, Wednesday and Thursday were treadmill runs, and I just got off the trainer today. I will be resting the rest of today and tomorrow. The marathon is Sunday and I still don't know if I'm running or coaching. It obviously won't be one of my best marathons if I end up running. We'll see what happens. The weather is suppose to get rainy and cold today and tomorrow, but it should be close to perfect on race day if predictions hold.

Have a great weekend. And thanks to those of you who have donated to my fundraising. Thank yous are on the way!

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