Saturday, June 4, 2011

Armadillo Hill Country Ride - 5/14

I'm finally getting around to updating the blog, so there will be a few posts close together even though the events were not.

On May 14, I did the 40 mile route of the Armadillo Hill Country Classic. This was only the 2nd or 3rd time I've been on my bike outside since Ironman Florida in November. I wasn't expecting much.

The ride was tough for me. It actually started out a little chilly (high 50s, but that is chilly for us that time of year). I started out with arm warmers and a jacket. And not only was it chilly, it was really windy. The winds have been really strong this spring and the winds on this day were no different. There were probably between 15 and 20mph.

The first part of the ride wasn't too bad, but coming back was not so much fun. My knees started hurting and there is a part of the course where there are 3 pretty tough hills in quick succession. It wasn't fun.

The ride took longer than I had hoped, but I was back out on the bike and I finished. It's a start to getting back out on the bike.

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M said...

Sounds fun except for the wind....uh! I have a head wind every night on the way home from work...I guess it makes me stronger? I rode 52 miles on my 52nd birthday...I hadn't been on my road bike in a while so we did a relatively flat course...but I live on a hill so no matter what it's a big climb at the end.

Happy Saturday :)