Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 6 - Catamaran and Waikiki - Again

This morning we had a 2 hour catamaran sail. It was a breakfast sail as well, so we got fresh fruit, donuts and juice.

Before leaving the resort we packed a cooler full of drinks and sandwiches for lunch. We then headed into town. We needed to get some ice for the cooler and make sure we could find parking.

We found where we needed to be very easily and there was a fish shop right there along the pier that had ice, so we were good. We put the ice in the cooler, parked where we needed to, and gathered our things for the sail.

It was kind of funny because Madison wanted to bring her phone and keep it with her. I walked her over to the catamaran and showed her the netting up front. I told her that was where I was going to be and if she was going to be up there as well, then she needed to leave the phone in the car because it was going to get wet. We did have a waterproof bag that I put my phone, wallet and camera in, but I didn’t plan on getting in that bag. We bought a waterproof camera before the trip and I figured we would use that. Consequently, I don’t have photos from the sail right now (I’m only downloading pics from MY camera each day).

Anyway, we checked in for the sail and were the first ones on board. I quickly headed up to the netting at the front to claim my spot and it was a good thing I did. They told us that only 3 people were allowed on each side at a time. Luckily, most people who got on board were in regular clothes and I could tell probably did not want to get wet. I didn’t think many more people would want to be out there.

Once the boat was full and we had our safety meeting, we headed out to sea. When we got just a little way out they opened up the breakfast buffet, which consisted of fresh fruit and Hawaii’s version of donuts. Luckily my family brought me some fresh pineapple and a “donut”. It was covered in a cinnamon coating and was yummy.

I was right, too, in that it didn’t appear anyone else wanted on the netting. For most of the trip out it was just me and Dalton out there. I love laying there and just relaxing as the boat goes up and down with the waves. When we turned to go toward Diamonhead, the first mate came back and told us this was the part of the trip where we would probably get wet. Bring it on! We got into some pretty big waves and I did get wet. So did a lot of people who were in regular clothes.

After being out for about an hour we turned around and headed back. I wasn’t ready to be done, but I knew that all we had planned for the afternoon was beach time.

Once we got back to shore we headed toward Waikiki Beach again. Joel dropped us off at the beach where we wanted to be since we had the cooler and then he went to park. We claimed our piece of the beach and set up camp for the day.

For the first couple of hours we just enjoyed the beach. Yesterday afternoon a couple who was leaving gave us their boogie boards, so Dalton took that out in the water and just played around with that. Around lunchtime we all ate our sandwiches.

After lunch we decided that Madison and I would rent our surfboards first and then Joel and Dalton would rent theirs. Each rental was an hour and a half. Madison and I grabbed our boards and headed out.

This time we did a little better. Madison figured out the timing of the waves and was actually able to ride several in, some of them for a fairly decent distance. I got a little better, but was being a little cautious I think due to my rib still hurting from yesterday. I was able to stand up and ride a wave for a little bit, however, so it wasn’t a total fail. We had wanted to take lessons, but the cost was a little pricey for all of us to do that.

When we came back in Joel and Dalton grabbed their boards and headed out. Madison decided to go out on the boogie board with them so she could help them with the timing. She was out for about an hour and then came back to join me on the beach. Before they turned in the boards, I took the boogie board out so I could watch Dalton.

Unfortunately, both kids discovered why surfers wear the swim shirts they wear. For some reason the surfboards left rashes on both of the kids’ stomachs. Neither Joel nor I have the rash. So, either they were doing something right that we weren’t or they were doing something wrong that we weren’t. Who knows.

After getting worn out on the surfboards, Joel and Dalton turned their boards in and we all just lounged on the beach the rest of the afternoon. Shortly after 5pm we decided it was time to go. We headed to the grocery store to grab a few more things and then went back to the resort to eat dinner.

Being in the sun all day has worn the kids out so it will be an “early to bed” day for all of us.

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