Monday, June 18, 2007

Gotta Love Those Hills

Saturday morning I got up early to meet with the Team in Training group. We did our silent mile and then continued our run. We ran in a part of town that has some decent hills, so that was good practice for San Francisco. When we finished, my garmin said I had gone 7.93 miles. For some on the team, that is the furthest that they have ever run - so far anyway! Since I got my bike ride in Friday night, we spent the rest of the day shopping for my daughter to get ready for camp.

Sunday was Father's Day. We went to church and then went out to eat. About 3:30, we decided to go for a walk. My daughter wanted to ride her bike, so she rode while we walked. There is a new road going in behind our subdivision, so we walked on that to see how far it goes through. It was kind of nice. We even got some sprinkles.

Today it was back to the grindstone. I swam my 2,000 meters, came home, ate dinner, went to a meeting at church while my daughter was at volleyball practice, and then came home and ran 4 miles with 5 hill repeats thrown in. Like I said in the title, gotta love those hills. As much as I hate them, I am a firm believer in hill training. Especially if you will be running on a hilly course. It's the one thing I truly believe has helped me get faster.

But now I'm dead. It's bed time. Good night.

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