Thursday, June 7, 2007

Hot, Hot, Hot!

It's not even officially summer yet, and it's heating up. Temps have been in the low 90's this week and it's only going to get worse.

Yesterday I finally got my swim in. I ended up running 4 miles first and then headed for the pool. After running the 4 miles, I wish I could have jumped straight in the pool, but since we don't have one in the back yard, I had to drive to the gym. The water felt good. Since I didn't know if the cough would come back or not, I decided to do an easy swim. I still swam the 2,000 meters I normally swim, I just swam slower. Right before bed, I started coughing some, but not near as bad as last week when I swam. Hopefully the Advair is working.

Today I knew I needed to get my workout in as soon as I got home. My son had soccer and my daughter had volleyball, plus I was meeting some people for dinner, so it was going to be a quick workout, too. Based on that, and since I haven't been on the bike in a while, I decided to go for a bike ride for as long as I could before I needed to get back home and shower. I ended up getting 9.45 miles in, but it was grueling. The high temperature today was 92 with a heat index of 99. And to top things off, there were 20-30 mile per hour gusts of wind. And as luck would have it, those winds came at me on the uphills. I felt like I was going so slow, and the sweat was just dripping off me. I just hope the temps don't warm up too fast on Sunday, and I hope the wind dies down before then. Otherwise, I may be toast!

Since Danskin is Sunday, I'll probably take tomorrow and Saturday off. Saturday for sure. If I do anything tomorrow, it may be an easy 3 mile run (either on the treadmill or late at night!). I'm as ready as I'm going to be for Sunday. I just hope the cough stays away and I'm able to push myself.

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Shauna said...

Good luck on Sunday. I'm excited for you. You are so dedicated--I can't believe you are training for two big events at the same time. Take care and have fun at Danskin.