Friday, June 15, 2007

Squeezing It In and Getting It Done

Thursday's workout called for a 60 minute bike ride and a 3 mile run. My daughter plays volleyball with the church youth group on Thursday nights so I knew this wouldn't be done as a brick (run immediately after the bike ride). But then right before I left work I heard on the radio that the county just to the north of us was under a severe thunderstorm warning, and I wondered if I would be able to get any of the bike done.

As soon as I got home I turned on the news to see where the storm was, if we were going to get any of it and if so, when. It appeared the storm was to the north of us and would stay north. My husband was on his way home from work, so I got on my bike clothes and took off as soon as he got home. The sky was looking dark so I decided to stay close to home just in case. As I was riding the sky got darker and the wind started picking up. About 45 minutes into the ride, the wind got really strong and the temperature dropped to the upper 70s. I could have done without the wind, but the temperature felt great. It looked like we might get some rain so I headed home. I managed to get in 13.47 miles.

It still wasn't raining and we weren't sure about the volleyball game (they play outside) so we headed over to the church where the game was suppose to be. As soon as we got there we found out the game was cancelled. A small part of me was happy. We went straight back home and I hopped right on the treadmill for an easy 3 mile run. Not quite a brick, but close.

The long weekend bike rides will be done either Friday night, Saturday after my long run, or Sunday. I felt good today after work so I decided to go ahead and do the bike ride tonight. On the plan - a 2 hour bike ride. I decided that I would take it easy on the ride and not worry about how far I went. I just need to get the time in on the bike and know what it will feel like to be on it for that long or longer. Usually when I ride (or run) I push myself. And when I ride, I almost always ride with my hands in the "drops" or lower part of the handle bars so that I am in a more aerodynamic position. However, after a while, my lower back starts hurting. So tonight, I tried to stay in the "hoods" or upper part of the handle bars. I did a couple of long loops around my neighborhood and then I headed to the high school and crossed at the light to another neighborhood where I've found a decent loop without too many stops. I did this loop several times and then headed home. Total mileage - 25.07 miles. That's not even half of the distance I'll be doing on race day. I still have 31 more to go!

Tomorrow I'll run with Team in Training. I think we are scheduled to do 7 or 8 miles. The run tomorrow is also the Honored Hero run. The triathlon and cycle teams will be there with us and the first mile will be done in silence. At the end of the mile, the honored heroes will be there cheering for us. We'll continue our workout and then join them at the end for breakfast. Hailey and her family won't be able to make it, but Hailey will be with me in thoughts.

After the run in the morning I'm done with workouts until Monday. Sunday will be my off day which works out fine with it being Father's Day. If I don't update again before then, Happy Father's Day to all the father's out there.

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