Thursday, August 9, 2007

Back to the Veloway and Recommitment

Now that the rain has left us alone for a while, I'm back to trying to ride my bike outdoors when possible. So Wednesday, I loaded up my bike and took it with me to work. After work I headed for the Veloway. I wasn't sure how far I would feel like going. After all, the summer we haven't had yet is starting to arrive. Temps have been in the mid 90s this week (which is actually low for us right now). I had a bottle of Gatorade and a bottle of water and figured I'd just see how it went. I felt pretty good for the most part. Legs weren't sore, back wasn't sore and I wasn't huffing and puffing. I did seem to be going slow at times, but then at other times felt I was doing good going between 18 & 21 miles per hour. 18 seems pretty good - until you get passed by a roller blader. Yep. That happened. He just cruised right past me. I thought maybe that was in my "slow" moment, so I made it a goal to pass him! Nope. Didn't happen. That guy was flying. And he had the perfect speed skater form - you know - the Apollo Anton Ono form. Uggghhh.

When I left the veloway, I stopped by the Smoothie Factory for an "energizer" smoothie. I'm kinda liking the smoothies now. My husband has been making different varieties at home for a while, but I've never tasted them. Somehow they just taste better when someone else makes them and you have no idea what they put in it. Maybe I should try making them at home, too.

I then headed for track practice. Tonight was straights and curves. We warmed up first, did 20 minutes of straights and curves and then cooled down. We kept the practice short tonight because we had a recommitment party for Team in Training. Today was the day for people to decide whether they want to continue with the program or not for the Nike Marathon. About 20 people showed up for the party and I think overall just over 40 people have committed to the program. That means we'll have a big group heading out to San Francisco in October. Very exciting.

When I got home today I hopped on the treadmill for a quick 3 mile run. I had an information meeting with Team in Training to begin recruiting for the fall season that I needed to get to. I think we already have about 25 people signed up for that season. The fall season will be training for the PF Chang's Rock-n-Roll Marathon in Arizona, the Disney Marathon in Orlando, and the AT&T Marathon in Austin. I'll be doing Disney and AT&T again, just like always. Disney is always for fun and then I decide based on how I feel if I want to try for time at AT&T.

Should be fun!

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