Friday, September 28, 2007

What's An Extra .7 Mile?

That's right. Last weekend when I road the bike course for Longhorn (I don't even like typing that word being that I'm and AGGIE, but I digress!) one of the roads was completely torn up. And I mean completely. I debated about whether or not to cross it, but I didn't have a map and I didn't know any other way to get back to the course, so I went across it. There were several postings this week on about it being the "cyclocross" part of the course. Anyway, the race director thought it would be fixed by race day but recently found out it won't. Because of that, he had to reroute the course. Because of that, the bike course is now 56.7 miles. Not 56. I know .7 mile doesn't seem like that far in the grand scheme of things, but after 56, who wants to go another .7? Kind of makes you realize how hard it is to get the exact distances measured out on the roads. I guess it's a little easier with the run because you can always do an out and back to get the exact distance. It would be kind of hard to have 1,000 people do a sharp u-turn in the middle of the road on their bike so that everyone went the exact distance. I guess we'll take the extra .7.

I also found out today that my swim wave will go off at 7:46 am. That's as long as nothing changes between now and then. They still aren't sure if the race will be wetsuit legal or not. Probably won't know that until the day before or day of the race.

That's all for now.

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