Thursday, July 19, 2007

Bought a New Toy Today

I am so sick of the rain and it messing up my training schedule. Wednesday, I was suppose to be on the bike. But another thunderstorm rolled through the area and by the time it was gone, it was too late to get on the bike and get in a decent workout before it got dark. I was so frustrated I hopped on the treadmill and ran 5 miles.

I've been thinking about getting a trainer for my bike anyway, but today sitting at work I decided I would run by the local bike shop on my lunch break and check them out. They had four models. I told the guy what I am training for and why I need it and he suggested I get a magnetic trainer. (for those of you who don't know what a trainer is, it is a device that you hook your real bike up to and it allows you to pedal with resistance, but not go anywhere. This allows you to set it up inside your house for bad weather days. Many triathletes, especially those in the north, use them to train when they can't get outside.) I had some money that I had gotten for my birthday that I had planned to spend on bike stuff anyway, so I bought it. I would have preferred the fluid trainer, but it was twice as much and I wasn't ready to part with that much money when I still need to get aerobars.

After work, I headed to the Town Lake trails and ran. There is no longer water over the trails, but the lake is still very high and the water is stilling moving fairly quick. Then I headed to a coach/mentor meeting for Team in Training. I'm a mentor this season and we are trying to figure out who needs help with fundraising and training.

I was hoping to try out the trainer tonight, but I didn't get home from the meeting until a little after 9:00. I'll have to play with it tomorrow. I've asked a friend who is a serious cyclist to do a long ride with me on Sunday if he can, so we'll see. Maybe I'll do the trainer tomorrow, run long Saturday and ride long Sunday. Sounds like fun, huh?


Shauna said...

I'm sorry the rain is creating difficulties for your training. The trainer sounds cool! I think I would like biking if I could do it in the house (I'm not very brave riding on the road with Utah drivers here--they are CRAZY). Good luck with all your training. I'm always so impressed with how you fit it all in. You are amazing! Keep up the good work.

I also have to say I laughed at your cousin comment on my blog. We have cousins coming out of the woodwork, don't we? And that's just MY side of the family. On Mike's side, there are 14, almost 15, cousins and still growing on both sides. It is fun for the kids to have so many cousins to play with, but it does make for hectic get togethers. :)

Take care and keep dry!

Janice, Andrew's Grandma said...

Hey Briana, I love your blog! I get exhausted reading it and have nothing but admiration for you and all you do for others.
Since retiring and moving to Texas I have been spending most of my time attending grandkids' sports events and traveling a bit.
I will be doing the Light the Night in Austin this year honoring Andrew and other kids battling leukemia.
All this Central TX rain is fascinating to me since we never got more than a couple of inches of rain a year in SO CA.