Friday, July 6, 2007


I saw two things today I have not seen in a very long time - the sun and blue in the sky. There were still lots of clouds, but they weren't the dark, ominous looking clouds that we've had for so long. They were white puffy clouds.

As soon as I got home from work, I put on my bike clothes, grabbed some gatorade and water and hit the road. My goal was to get in as much as I could as dark skies had made their presence known once again. I was hoping to get in at least 15 miles. I ended up getting in 30 miles!!!! Twice as much as I had hoped, and over 1/2 the distance of the half ironman. I'm so glad I got that in.

I'm not really in pain. My lower back is a tiny bit sore and my upper back, too. I'm sitting in the massage chair as I type this :) I made the ride an easy ride, now worrying about my speed. I didn't want to get my legs sore. And they are not. They didn't even feel jellylike when I got off the bike. We'll see if they are still ok in the morning when I get up to do my 10 mile run with my Team in Training group.

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