Sunday, July 1, 2007

Being Lazy

On Thursday of last week, I did my usual 2,000 meter swim, but that is all I did. I had plans to meet a friend for dinner and we ended up talking for about 3 hours. I don't do that often, but it's great when I do.

Friday, we left town to go and pick up my daughter from camp at my mother-in-laws. Saturday morning I slept in a little, but still wanted to get my run in. When we are at my mother-in-laws, my husband will ride his bike while I run since I don't know my way around the town very well. Since we had slept in a litte it was about 8:30 a.m. when we headed out. Due to all the rain everyone has had, it was already humid. My goal was to get in 9 miles. I got in 9 miles all right, but it wasn't pretty, and I didn't run them all. When the sun started coming out, I started baking. There was no breeze whatsoever. The part of town we were in is very hilly, so I started walking up the hills and running the rest. When we hit mile 6, I told him we could go back and I'd just walk around the block until I hit 9 miles. By the time I was done, I was soaked.

Saturday afternoon, we took my daughter on to my grandma's house in another town because she will be at camp with my Aunt, cousin, and niece next week. We slept in again this morning and got home around 3:30. I've been washing clothes and doing some cleaning since we got home. It rained on us most of the way home. I'm hoping that the weather clears off this week. I'll get back into my routine tomorrow and am hoping to get in a couple of long bike rides this week (assuming the weather allows - I've got to check into trainers!).

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