Friday, May 18, 2007

The Team in Training Kick Off

Thursday night was the official "kick-off" for the next season with Team in Training. I always love the kick-off, because everyone is so excited about getting started with their fundraising and with their training. Since I live way north, work way south, and the meeting was in downtown, I decided not to go home after work. Instead, I headed for dowtown and the wonderful running trail we are blessed with here. I had told my friend and running buddy that I would meet her for dinner before kick-off, so I just did the 3 mile loop and called it a day. At least I did something!

After running, I met my friend for dinner and then we headed over to the kick-off. This season, TNT is recruiting for all three events - marathons, a triathlon, and century rides. I bet there were over 70 people at the kick-off, and probably 50 of those are doing the Nike Women's Marathon. It was interesting to see the group - only 3 men in the whole bunch. One of them is part of a husband/wife team and he assured me that he would enjoy the view. The first official practice will be tomorrow morning (Saturday), but I won't be able to go. I have a prior committment. I'm sure it will be a success.

This weekend is another soccer filled weekend. Both kids are in tournaments and the games are spread thoughout the whole day Saturday and then on Sunday morning. We have two graduation parties to attend, and I'm running in the local 5K Sunday morning. I'm already ready for the 3 day weekend coming up!

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