Friday, May 11, 2007

The Verdict Is In

After coughing horribly most of Wednesday night, I decided that if the cough were still with me Thursday morning, that I would go to the doctor. My doctor is just minutes from my office, so I called Thursday morning and got a lunch time appointment. I told him what was going on and that I was sick of the cough. And you know what he said. Allergies. That's right. Exactly what I thought. Then I got a little afraid - afraid he would say there was nothing he could do. But he didn't. Instead, he told me I should get back on Allegra. I had taken Allegra before, but switched to an over-the-counter allergy medicine so I wouldn't have to go in each year to get my prescription renewed (I hardly ever get sick, so going in once a year is a lot for me). And then he offered something else. A steroid pack. That's right - steroids. Yikes!!! But hey, if it knocks the cough out, I'm willing.

When I picked up the prescription Thursday night, it was a little scary to listen to the pharmacist telling me EXACTLY how to take the steroids. I have to follow the directions properly so that I get weaned off of them. Scary. It was also scary because my doctor said I could experience drastic mood swings with this. Yes, I know. I follow the web sites of quite a few kids with cancer and read about their "roid rages". What would it do to me? I could get lots of energy, or I could become somewhat depressed. I was hoping for the lots of energy (afterall, I have an 18 mile bike ride Saturday morning).

Since my daughter's soccer party was Thursday night and since I "needed" to watch my recorded version of Survivor when I got home from that, I took the day off. No excercise for me. I'll let my medicine start to work and then get back to it. Only thing was that the pharmacist told me to start the steroids this morning (Friday).

So, when I got to work this morning, I ate my breakfast (I always eat my muffins and/or fruit once I get to work) and took my two pills. And I waited. I had no idea if I would feel any effects right away or not. I went to the gym at lunch to do my weight lifting routine, came back to work, ate lunch, and took another pill. No effects yet.

After work, I picked up my "race" packet for my bike ride tomorrow. I say "race", but I don't really think it's a race. I did get a t-shirt which I wasn't really expecting. I was disappointed to see the map of the route and discover that instead of the advertised 30K (18.6 miles), it's a 13 mile ride. It will still be good to get out on the open road and get to build up speed vs. riding in the neighborhood and having to stop at all the stop signs. Maybe I'll just do the route twice! It should be interesting.

Tonight I need to work on sending out some more letters for my Team in Training fundraising campaign. So far I've got $100 and we haven't even had the official kick off yet. But, I've still got a long way to go. I've got some "craft" ideas I need to work on tonight, too, because I might sell some things to make money as well. We'll see. So today will probably be another "off" day. Unless the steroids kick in and give me that extra energy and I decide to hop on the treadmill for a run. :)

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